Here's Your Super Suit: Incredible Superhero Costumes from The Incredibles 2

Disney Incredibles Costumes

Ever since the movie was released in 2004, people have been clamoring for a sequel to The Incredibles. Now, it’s finally here, so it’s time to dig out your super suits and rush to theaters. The Incredibles make for the perfect group Halloween costume. The matching uniforms are a nice touch for a family to dress up together on Halloween as well. It’s easy to get the look of your favorite Incredibles characters. Though you may look the same in most cases, each character has their own defining traits that are important to incorporate into your costume. Let’s take a look at the group and see with Incredible superhero you should be for Halloween.

Mr. Incredible Costume

Mr. Incredible Costume

Mr. Incredible Costume

Mr. Incredible’s power is his super strength. He can lift a car with ease, but that doesn’t really help much with his parenting duties. While he has no trouble dispatching criminals in a fight, he still struggles with getting household work done, teaching his kids math, and even keeping track of baby Jack-Jack. After getting back into crime fighting while superheroes are outlawed, Bob receives help from fashion designer Edna Mode, who creates these fashionable and functional superhero suits for the whole family. 


Mrs. Incredible Costume

Classic Mrs. Incredible Women's Costume, Deluxe Mrs. Incredible Costume

Elastagirl has the ability to stretch, which comes in handy if you're falling from the sky and need to quickly turn yourself into a parachute. Mrs. Incredible plays a huge role for the Parr family and superheroes in general. Through the Incredibles 2 trailer, we learn that Elastagirl is on a mission to help bring "supers" back to the mainstream.  

Violet Parr

Incredibles Violet Costume

Violet Girls Costume, Deluxe Violet Toddler Costume

Violet has the power to become invisible and create a force fields for protection. She’s saved others on several occasions. However, being that she’s a teenager, she’s not afraid to serve up some attitude whether she's fighting crime or taking care of her brothers. 

Dash Costume

Incredibles Dash Costume

Dash Toddler Costume, Dash Boys Costume

Dash is appropriately named because of his super speed ability. He can outrun anything and, though this provides a competitive advantage in track and field, he's good to control himself so he's not winning every race in unfair fashion. 

Jack-Jack Costume

Incredibles Jack-Jack Costume

Baby Incredibles Costume, Baby Jack-Jack Costume

Jack-Jack is the wild card of the family. Nobody really knows exactly what all of his powers are, but he can really make a scene. Through scenes in the first movie and Incredibles 2 trailers, we’ve seen him do everything from turn into a monster, shoot lasers out of his eyes, become invisible, and even combust into a ball of flames. He may be the smallest member of the family, but he could also be the most powerful.

Frozone Costume

Incredibles Frozone Costume

Deluxe Frozone Costume

Frozone (Lucious Best) is Bob’s best friend who has the ability to make ice, similar to Elsa from Frozen! He’s always up for going out on adventure as long as he can find his super suit, which features sleek light blue and white designs with a futuristic-looking face mask. Don't try stopping him because he'll stop you cold in your tracks.

Incredibles T-Shirt Costumes

Incredibles Costume Shirts

Left to right: Incredibles Adult Costume T-Shirt, Incredibles Kids Costume T-Shirt, Incredibles Sunglasses, Incredibles Toddler Costume T-Shirt, Women's Incredibles Costume T-Shirt

If you're looking for an easy group costume and not wanting to wear a full spandex suit, Incredibles costume t-shirts are a great way to assembled a super family. These shirts feature the iconic Incredibles logo and are available in a variety of sizes. Add a black face mask and gloves or a pair of Incredibles sunglasses to complete the look! 

Are you think about dressing up as The Incredibles for Halloween? What other superhero groups would you like to be part of? The Avengers and Justice League might be others to consider, but they don't quite carry the family dynamic of the Incredibles. You can find all sorts of superhero costumes if that's your thing, but if you're looking for a great costume idea for the family, check out all of these other group costumes you can assemble.

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