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Here's Your Super Suit: Incredible Superhero Costumes from The Incredibles 2

by |May 25, 2018

Disney Incredibles Costumes

Ever since the movie was released in 2004, people have been clamoring for a sequel to The Incredibles. Now it’s finally here, so it’s time to dig out your super suits and rush to theaters. The Incredibles make for the perfect group Halloween costume. The matching uniforms are a nice touch for a family to dress up together on Halloween as well. It’s easy to get the look of your favorite Incredibles characters, so why not trick-or-treat in some Incredibles costumes for Halloween! Though you may look the same in most cases, each character has their own defining traits that are important to incorporate into your costume. Let’s take a look at the group and see with Incredible superhero you should be for Halloween.


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