Halloween Costume Guide for BFFs

by |April 27, 2018

Halloween Costumes for BFFs

Spongebob and Patrick, Woody and Buzz, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the list of iconic duos in pop culture could go on. Though, the list of Instagram posts featuring couples dressing as these iconic duos could go on even longer. What if you want to dress up as an iconic duo, but you don't have a significant other to do so with? Who said you need to have a date to wear creative couple's costumes? Call up your best friend for a Netflix and costume planning night. Together you can scour the internet for best friend Halloween costume ideas, though if you use a search engine, you'll soon find that your search results will be overwhelming. That's where we come in. We've gathered a selection of best friend Halloween costumes and put together a list that includes popular as well as unique best friend costumes. So grab your nearest glass of wine (or soda), turn on your favorite show, and let's get planning!


Iconic Duos Costume Ideas

Iconic Duos Couples Halloween Costumes

Buzz Lightyear Costume    Woody Costume        Elsa Costume     Anna Costume

Beatrix Kiddo Costume     Elle Driver Costume      Silent Bob Costume     Jay Costume

To kick off this guide, we're going to begin with some iconic duos! Entertainment and pop culture has blessed us with some great pairings. 2013 and 2014 were the years you couldn't escape from Elsa's self-empowering anthem "Let It Go". It was the song that would follow you from your house, to the radio, to the gas station, even to the gas station bathroom! If you and your best friend are Disney lovers, Elsa and Anna are a good go-to that everyone will recognize. If you're looking to go more old-school Disney, Buzz and Woody would be a perfect choice. Even though these are girl-girl and boy-boy pairings, feel free to switch up the genders. Guys, if you want to be a little more creative, try genderbending Elsa and Anna. Girls, same goes for you with Woody and Buzz. If you're looking for a more adult theme, we threw in classic characters from Kill Bill (Beatrix Kiddo and Elle Driver), as well as and Jay and Silent Bob from...Jay and Silent Bob.


Food Combos Costume Ideas

Food Pairing Halloween Costume Ideas

Wine and Cheese Costume Set     Bacon and Eggs Costume Set     Purple Grapes Costume     Green Grapes Costume

Is your mouth already watering? Because same. Let's be real, who doesn't love food? If you're looking for going the more comedic route, food costumes usually bring on some pretty good laughs. Though the grape costumes are our personal favorites, not everbody loves grapes, so we threw in some other options. Do you and your best friend love getting brunch together? Symbolize your friendship with the bacon and eggs costume set. Whenever one of you has a bad day, do you have a wine, cheese, and ice cream night? I think you know which costume would be best. Though these are pictured as possibly romantic couples Halloween costumes, couples costumes are perfect for best friends as well.


Horror Iconic Duos Costume Ideas

Horror Movie Duo Costume Ideas

Freddy Costume     Jason Costume     Carrie Costume     Silver Tux     Goonies Mikey Costume     Pennywise Costume

Horror movie costumes such as Freddy and Jason are iconic when it comes to Halloween costumes. You usually can't go to a Halloween party without seeing one or the other. Give your friends a throwback to talk about with Freddy vs. Jason costumes. Carrie and It are two horror classics that have been remade in recent years, so their costumes could be throwbacks, but they also are quite relevant to current day. Though, with nostalgia always being a popular trend, we put together costumes from the original movies to give you more of that nostalgic look. You might be thinking, "What does Mikey from the Goonies have anything to do with Pennywise?" That's a great question! If you're looking for something to resemble Georgie's iconic yellow raincoat, Mikey from the Goonies' will do the job.


Twinning Costume Ideas

Twinning Halloween Costume Ideas

Stormtrooper Costume        Fawn Costume         Astronaut Costume        Fireman Costume

Another fun idea for your next get together is twinning Halloween costumes. If you two are having a tough time finding creative best friend costume ideas, make it easy by getting two of the same one. Last year, fawn costumes were popular with the ladies. This year, we expect it to be no different. Maybe you two are all about geek culture. In that case, the Stormtrooper costume would be great for both of you. Guys in uniform are also a hit, especially at parties. You can either go the stereotypical fireman route, or you can throw everyone for a loop with the astronaut costume. It's hard not to come up with a twinning Halloween costume idea. Pretty much all twinning Halloween costumes are is getting you and someone else to wear two of the same costume. So, if none of these were appealing to you, just find a Halloween costume you do like and get two of those, it's that easy!

So what are you and your friend going to wear for Halloween? Will you go the iconic duo route or will you play it more simple with the twinning costume route? If you're still in need of some more ideas, feel free to check out our couples costumes as well. Sure, they're categorized as couples costumes, but they work great for best friends as well! Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@fundotcom_) so we can see all of you in your Halloween best!

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Ross Hewett-Smith

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