Bunny Costumes and More Easter Dress Up Ideas

by |March 16, 2018
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Bunny Costumes and Easter Dress Up

Everyone loves the Easter Bunny. Much like Santa Claus in December, you can find find photo opportunities in malls across America for kids to meet and greet the Easter rabbit himself. If you're a parent who brings your kids for an annual visit with the Easter bunny, wouldn't it be more exciting if you were in that bunny rabbit costume instead of some stranger? If you’re planning on some fun for the family this Easter, nothing adds more fun than dressing up! We’re not talking about putting on your Sunday best as you head out to Easter worship, but putting on an bunny costume and getting your hop on.

One of the most well-known Easter traditions is receiving a visit from the Easter Bunny, who hides eggs for children to find. The tradition of Easter eggs comes from the old custom of fasting during Lent and has been coupled with a 300+-year-old German tradition of eggs being brought to children by the Easter Hare. If you want to be the real deal this year and bring some Easter joy without the hassle of an Easter bunny costume rental, here are some fun Easter dress up ideas.

Easter Bunny Costumes for Adults

Easter Bunny Costumes for Adults

Left to Right: Adult Deluxe Easter Bunny Costume, Adult Deluxe Bunny Costume, Easter Bunny Mascot Costume, Mascot Happy Easter Bunny Costume, Adult White Bunny Costume

Of course, it’s fun to hide colored eggs for the kids to find and maintain the illusion that the Easter Bunny is real. However, it’s also fun to play the part with them and let them in on the character. When picking an Easter bunny suit, it's important to pick one that will be kid friendly. Some bunny outfits give off a creepy vibe, but there are plenty of options from a white rabbit costume to a complete mascot-style costume for plenty of Easter Bunny dress-up ideas.

Easter Bunny Costumes for Kids

Kids Bunny Costumes

Left to Right: Toddler Open Face White Bunny Costume, Kids' Classic Easter Bunny Costume, Baby Blue Bunny Costume, Baby Pink Bunny Costume

Want to take some adorable family photos for Easter? Try dressing your little ones up in bunny costumes. You can find cute bunny costumes for kids that resemble the Easter Bunny or maybe just a white bunny costume (or pink or blue). With a whole bunny family, you'll be hopping all over the place filling Easter baskets.

Other Easter Dress Up and Spring Costume Ideas

Costume Ideas for Spring

Top Left to Lower Right: Adult Carrot Costume, Toddler Monarch Butterfly Costume, Child Plush Chicken Costume, Carrot Newborn Bunting, Sunflower Hood, Toddler Sheep Costume

Where’s there are rabbits, there’s bound to be carrots. Dressing up in a big carrot costume is a great costume idea for parents if your child is dressing as a bunny. You can hide and have your little rabbits play find the carrot. It’s also a funny idea for family Easter photos.There are plenty of other things that act as signs of spring that make for good costumes to dress in as well. Animals like baby chicks, sheep and butterflies are prominent symbols for Easter and Spring, but flowers might be the most recognized.

Even More Bunny Costumes

Famous Bunny Costumes

Top Left to Bottom Right: Adult White Rabbit Costume, Kid's Energizer Bunny Costume, Disney Thumper Deluxe Infant Costume, Cartoon Rabbit Costume, Zootopia Judy Hopps Kids Costume, Deluxe Rabbids Kids Costume

Here’s the part where we pay tribute to famous rabbits other than the Easter Bunny. The March Hare from Alice in Wonderland is well-respected in the world of fictional rabbits. He wouldn’t make a good replacement for the Easter Bunny considering how late he constantly is. The Energizer Bunny, on the other hand, will keep going and going until every last Easter basket has been delivered.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter Egg Decorating

Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs, Avengers Easter Eggs, Adventure Time Easter Eggs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs

Now that you’ve got your Easter costumes sorted, you can color some eggs and dress them up as well! Check out our blog for free printable Easter egg costumes featuring favorite characters like the Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more. While dying eggs is a fun tradition, it's always nice to add a little extra character (pun intended) to your project.

Do you plan on dressing up as the Easter bunny for Easter? What kind of bunny would you like to be? A white bunny? A brown bunny? A bunny with clothes? There are so many choices! You could even be a scary Easter bunny if you really wanted to, though we don't recommend that if you're planning on being around young children. If you're still trying to decide, why don't you crawl down a rabbit hole and check out our Easter costumes for some hippity-hoppin' holiday magic.

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