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Whether from heaven above or dwelling in the darkness of our desires, there's just something about an angel costume that makes the heart take flight! This season, pick the angel Halloween costume that makes all your prayers come true. We have several holy looks to bring Heaven to Halloween or you can pick a dark angel costume to make it mysterious. Of course, who can deny the devilish fun that comes with a fallen angel costume? Maybe all three!?
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Worried about your chances of getting into heaven? We’ve thrown way too many crazy parties to feel 100% safe about our chances of making it through the pearly white gates. We’ve got a plan to help us out… angel costumes! We figure if we dress up like an angel, we might just be able to sneak in.

We’re willing to help you out, whether you’re trying to sneak your way into heaven or just looking for a heavenly look. You can find kids costumes for the sweet and innocent, sexy angel costumes for those who want to make the most of their time here on Earth. Take your angel outfit to the next level when you choose your favorite pair of angel wings and a white petticoat for a fuller look. How To

Angel Halloween Costumes

Are you looking to transform into one of the most magical creatures in all of history? Sure, there’s no question that the dragon is a mighty beast. Everyone knows that the strange psychic powers of an alien can send anyone’s mind into deep space. Then you’ve got the unicorns with their healing powers in Harry Potter or that sense of purity that leaves everyone in awe as well as a host of fairies that bring bliss and inspiration to all that they see. In a world filled with so many mysterious beings, is it possible that there is one that flies even higher than the others?

Well, pray for answers no longer because we are happy to bring you through a veritable orchestra of angelic choirs with some blessed angel costume ideas! Whether you’re looking for a group costume that puts the holy trinity into a priest and nun combo or if you’d like to put a spiritual spin on a Christmas party, you can’t go wrong with the classic angel Halloween costume! The real question is what style you are aiming for. The angel isn’t always the kind and quiet sort. Take a villainous twist on your angel outfit when you add a pair of horns or go the comic route of the superhero with bright bird feather wings! Whatever kind of angel makes you sing, we’re happy to help you with these angelic ideas!

Angel Costumes for Adults

They say that an angel gets its wings every time you find the perfect Halloween costume for adults. (Or something like that.) Well, it turns out that you can get two for the price of one when you choose an adult Angel Halloween costume! The best news is there are several styles that you can choose from. (You didn’t think it would be as easy as grabbing just any angel dress and heading out to the party, right!?) The right pair of angel wings and halo say a lot about you, so let’s take a look at a few of these great ideas so you can spread your wings and take flight.

White Angel Costumes

White Angel Costume

The classic angel costume includes light fabric that is enhanced by a little lace and golden contrast. You might have an iconic gold halo or perhaps one made of feathers to match your bright, white wings. Whether you’re watching over a manger or inspiring peace and goodwill, you can’t go wrong with a pair of white wings with your angel costume!

Men's Angel Costumes

Mens Angel Costume

While common depictions of angels are of lovely ladies flying on gossamer wings, there are a ton of tales that let the boys join in the choir, too. Whether you want to give Michael or Gabriel their day in the sun or if you’d like to be your own unique angel, our angel costumes for men are the perfect answer. Join in the skies with the gals or watch over all mankind!

Sexy Angel Costumes

Sexy Angel Costume

Angels govern over all sorts of different areas. There are angels of art and inspiration. You can ask that old Phantom of the Opera all about angels of music, too. And then there are a few angels who are all about confidence, body language, and even a bit of romantic flair! If you are a sexy angel at heart, a few scattered sequins or a toga-style gown is the perfect costume for you!

Plus Size Angel Costumes

Plus Size Angel Costume

No two angels are made quite the same. Some walk right here on Earth every day and inspire folks to live out loud and proud. Whether strutting their stuff in power suits or soaring out with fluttering fabric, these plus-size angels are often more stunning and powerful than anybody else in the choir. If you’d like to join their ranks, we’re happy to supply the wings!

Angel Costumes for Kids

About the only thing more blessed than a great costume is when you’re helping your kiddos climb into one that makes them smile as wide as can be. Whether you think your tykes are already pure angels or you are hoping that a pair of wings will get them to turn away from their more devilish side, we have a ton of kid’s angel costume options that will make their Halloween seem just like heaven! (You know… where candy has no calories and even chases away the dentist!) Take a scroll through these adorable angel costumes and you’re sure to find that prayer for the perfect costume answered.

Teen Angel Costumes

Teen Angel Costume

Teenagers and tweens love to spread their wings and let loose just as much as the rest of us. Of course, they also want to sport their style at the same time. There are a handful of angels who can channel that teen spirit… even if it sometimes means bringing in a bit of their devilish side, too. (Does that make them devilish angels or angelic devils? We aren’t even sure!)

Cute Angel Costumes

Cute Angel Costume

When you need an angel costume for a girl that is adorable beyond words, the answer is pretty obvious. You’re looking for gossamer fabric, wings that fit perfectly at the back, and a halo that hovers over her head like magic. Fortunately, we have several Made By Us angel costumes that are cute as can be and will truly help her stand out among the crowd.

Toddler Angel Costumes

Toddler Angel Costume

Have you ever been told that your tiny tot is a gift from heaven? Do you find that you always agree, especially when you see their serene smile and those adorably rosy cheeks? Well, then an angel costume for toddlers is the perfect way to help them soar. What’s the best part!? You can choose a tiny version of our existing costumes for a great family angel costume set!

Archangel Costumes

Archangel Costume

Do you have a little warrior on your hands? According to the stories, some angels aren’t just heavenly hosts. They’re holy fighters, too! In that case, you might need an angel costume that features a breastplate and even a fiery sword. For kiddos who are ready to save the world, you’re looking for nothing less than an archangel costume soaring straight from the skies!

Angel Costume Ideas

There are a ton of different types of angels to choose from. But the best part of the perfect costume is when you get to take your own spin on it! If you’re looking for a custom angel costume, all you need to do is combine an exclusive outfit with the right accessories and you’ll have a DIY angel costume that will truly turn some heads. Imagine the moment that a werewolf strides onto the scene only to spread a pair of wings! How about that time that the scary vampire revealed that they had a gleaming halo of sunlight and truly confused the hunters. Take a gander at some of our angel accessories and see how you’d like to add a bit of divinity to your costume and tell a truly angelic tale!

Black Angel Wings

Black Angel Wings

One way to give any costume wings is… well… literally! Virtually any costume can be adapted in the back or have a pair of angel wings worn as a harness over your shoulders. The right pair of dark feathered wings can elevate your Maleficent into a Mistress of Evil or reveal that the animal kingdom has its own angelic guardians, too. It’s up to you to find the wings that work!

Angel Wings and Halo

Angel Wings and Halo

Take your angelic inspiration to the next level when you accompany a pair of wings with a matching halo. “What is a halo?” you might be asking. Well, it turns out that it is usually a glow of light that surrounds the head of a celestial being. Sometimes it can look like a crown of light. Each one can be pretty unique, so find the perfect pair to make your angel costume all you!

Dog Angel Costumes

Dog Angel Costume

We know that we don’t have to tell you that your four-legged friend is an angel on Earth. One look at their deep eyes or hearing the cute snores they make at night proves everything we ever needed to know. It’s time to give your furry friend the wings that they deserve. How? Well, it’s time for an angel costume for pets, of course! This is a prayer that was destined to be answered!

Angel Dress

Angel Dress

Even angels need some guidance. It can be hard to determine who is higher up in the choirs, too. Big wings help. A mighty glowing halo is probably a solid indicator, too. But, at the end of the day, angels are much like us! The one in the beautiful dress with ornate details and ivory edging is sure to be a wing above the rest. Make sure your DIY angel costume features a gown! Monster