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Men's Plague Doctor Costume

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Product Information
Items Included
  • Robe
  • Smock Collar
  • Belt
  • Hood
  • Mask
  • Hat
  • Pair of Gloves
  • Men's Plague Doctor Costume
  • 100% polyester fabric, 100% PVC vinyl faux leather
  • Robe fastens w/ button at back of neck
  • Faux leather smock collar slips over the head
  • Hood has hook & loop fastener at back
  • Mask has mesh-covered eye openings, will limit vision
  • Mask has elastic band around back of head
  • Hat has wire in brim edge for shape
  • Faux leather belt has hook & loop fastener at back
  • Belt has 1 snap pouch, 3 open pouches and knife sheath attached
  • Faux leather gloves have wide, flared cuffs
  • NOTE: This product may have an odor due to manufacturing and packaging, please allow time to air out prior to use.
  • Exclusive

We should all be grateful we were born in the modern era. If the black death happened today we'd see brightly colored hazmat suits hurrying through the streets. However, in the dark ages, doctors hadn't figured out the art of bedside manners and dressed in basically the scariest ensemble they could come up with. Their mask had a dramatic beak filled with fragrant herbs to stop the bad air from sickening the physician. As a result, they looked a little like fancy gothic toucans. Turns out, the masks covering their faces may have been one of the only effective tricks in their book.

We have to hand it to those Medieval doctors, at a time when they still believed that an imbalance of the four humors could make you ill, those masks were probably semi-effective. That is until the poor Doc was bitten by one of the many fleas that carried the disease, to begin with. We should all thank our lucky stars that we live here and now and not there and then. Personal hygiene hadn't yet been invented so those little fleas were easily spreading disease where ever they went. It was at once a very smelly and a very dangerous time. Think about that next time you don't feel like taking a shower.

It's no wonder that we still see plague doctors as a symbol of fear after all this time, the black death had a habit of visiting places again and again. Like a fear of spiders or snakes or clowns, the fear of these symbols has become instinctual. So whether you're dressing up as a Doc from the middle ages or a character out of a horror film, when you enter the room in this get-up, you're sure to see all of your patients run out.

Size Chart
Size Measurement Standard Metric
X-Small Chest 37" 94cm
X-Small Robe Length 56" 142cm
X-Small Belt Length 29" 74cm
Small Chest 40" 102cm
Small Robe Length 56 1/2" 144cm
Small Belt Length 33" 84cm
Medium Chest 44" 112cm
Medium Robe Length 57" 145cm
Medium Belt Length 37" 94cm
Large Chest 48" 122cm
Large Robe Length 57 1/2" 146cm
Large Belt Length 41" 104cm
X-Large Chest 52" 132cm
X-Large Robe Length 58" 147cm
X-Large Belt Length 45" 114cm
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Costume stunk horribly
     By stevelaudisi / August 15, 2017
The costume itself was great but it carried an extremely awful odor that was unbearable. I had the mask on for 2 minutes and was ready to vomit. The costume was left over night in my car on accident and the next morning, my car smelled absolutely disgusting. I attempted to mask the smell and literally used half a bottles worth of axe body spray and the costume kept its odor. I'll be returning it and would like a full refund. It's unacceptable to send someone a costume that has an odor as strong as a garbage dump.
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Looks amazing but is very low quality
     By Purim King / March 22, 2019
Let's start with saying I'm a big guy and I ordered the largest size possible. I'll go over all the items in the costume to tell you how awful it is to wear.

First, I was lucky and the costume didn't stink very much for me like it seems to have for other people, but that's the only good thing you're going to hear from now on. The hat fits okay. Not perfect but it manages to lock sufficently on my head (though I have to hold it from flying when it's windy). Same goes for the Smock Collar (just have to remove my glasses to put it on but it's no problem). The hood (the balaclava-like thing) didn't fit at all. I had to bring it to my tailor for my face to actually fit in. The belt also didn't fit very well and had to get it tailored too. You also can't put a lot of stuff in it. I could only put my phone in the knife sheath and my house key and one banknote in the snap pouch. The three other open pouches were too small to put anything useful in them so I just filled it with costume-appropriate items like small satchels and a small bottle. The gloves are slightly difficult to put on and don't fit on your hand well, but they mostly get the job done. Just don't expect to hold your phone, pull anything out of your belt or do anything useful with them other than hplding your staff. They also make your hands stinky.

Now let's get to the real terrible parts. The mask was absolutely atrocious. Looks great, sure, it's the main thing that will make people impressed when they see you, but when the site says "will limit vision" it's the understatement of the decade. You can barely see anything with it and have to walk very carefully with it. Any light will also completely blind you. Also, while it's not entirely the maker's fault, I wear glasses and since you breath heavily in the mask, they get fogged up easily, making vision even worse. It also was generally uncomfortable and I had to readjust it often. Lastly, the robe itself. It's insanely fragile and tears up easily, meaning you have to wear it very carefully which is hard and annoying, and even then you'll still probably tear it. I had to bring it to my tailor multiple times to stich it back up, and since stiches make the robe stiffer, it means it's harder to wear it every time. She even told me herself that it's a very weak cloth.

Overall, if you want to walk in the streets and make everyone scared and impressed from you and have many people to ask for a picture, buy this (though I admit that since I'm very tall I make an extra impression on people). If you value your comfort in any way, shape or form, steer clear of this. Be aware that it's very tiring to wear this costume for long periods of time and you will get a sensory overload at high intensity areas such as parties, so remember to drink water before going out with it and take a rest every once in a while.
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One Star
     By Yuto Ieshi / December 20, 2018
Trash absolute trash. I know this may be harsh but it is the truth the mask sucked and could barley see out of. When it says limit vision you might as well be looking through the cracks in your fingers. The chest was very tight my arms could not fight in the sleeves. The stitching was poorly done. It came all folded and was not the right size. I would not order again.
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Three Stars
     By Current Customer / December 7, 2018
Long shirt was too tight (not 43"). so it split in the back when I put it on. Had to have a tailor resew and add cloth for it to fit properly.
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One Star
     By Current Customer / November 18, 2018
The mask was very flimsy and was folded when it was shipped so it never looked good I ended up buying a different mask. The robe was the right size, perfect fit but when i went to pick up my son the whole back ripped. No very satisfied I threw away most of it.
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Serves its purpose
     By Dr. Plague / November 17, 2018
As I was planning a trip through time to a nation far less developed than mine, I realized a need for dependable plague doctor apparel. This costume did its duty to an adequate degree.
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I had people asking me if they could take a picture with me
     By Dr. Pepper / November 9, 2018
For the last three years I have been stepping up my game and dressing up from head to toe first year that I was able to catch everybody’s attention I dressed up as American horror story’s twisty the clown the following year I dressed up as a panda with motion moving mouth that revealed bloody fangs and this year I decided to go with the plague doctor and so far I am on a streak as my neighborhood was definitely having fun taking pictures with me and telling me how great of a costume it was, kids did not approach me as they were scared and I usually walk with my kids and we all try to match so this was perfect for a cult themed look. As every cult needs a doctor ??
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Ripped costume
     By Irene  / November 2, 2018
My coustum came ripped ot was very cheap material
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Shipping was quick and the costume was good on the first day but....
     By Gavin / October 27, 2018
It was only good on the first day. Let me explain I ordered standard shipping and received it super early awesome but when unpacking it I noticed how poorly it was packed, like if some 10 year old messy kid was packing it. Everything looked like a crumbled up paper ball forced in the bag and the masked was so badly packed that if wearing looked like your just got hit by a car I tried to fix the beak but there was no way it was gonna look straight so I bought and new one at my local Halloween store. Once wearing everything (fixing the wrinkles for the hood, collar, and hat) it looked really cool and nice. Then I noticed something the back, left arm, and upper right shoulder of my robe it was very poorly stitch and was falling apart (note I'm a very skinny person and the costume was a little big so no I wasn't me being too big actually the costume was a perfect fit a little bit big but not bad) and what's sad is that I ordered the dark mad hatter costume from here 2 years ago and the same problem with stitching happened So I fixed the stitching and everything is good but for a costume with poor packaging and stitching I wouldn't recommend buy it.
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Stinky and crumpled
     By Anonymous / October 27, 2018
The costume is not the worst for the money, I assume. The size is good. Everything but gloves fits good for XL size. Gloves have a little bit short fingers for me.

However, all faux leather part are pieces of a faux leather...

The package arrived packed tight enough to faux leather parts be completely crumpled as if a cow with a strange sense of taste had been chewing them for a while.

I have to figure out how to iron a faux leather without destructing it, especially the hat. Still waiting for results of applying of the researches. The hat also needs a couple of glue or one more movement of a sewing-machine to finish one of stitches and keep it of tearing in the nearest future.

And all faux leather parts do stink. I hope it will be better after some washing and drying.
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Ok costume but not meant for big people
     By David Drop Jr / October 21, 2018
Got the costume and it did not stink like others have mentioned but even buying the 3x size all the accessories were ridiculously small. The Balaclava on the back was so small and made of such tight fake leather it wouldn't even fit over my head and face and didn't close in the back! Another complaint was the gloves also not 3x more like large size I had to replace with a store bought pair.

My final complain was with the mask eyes it's so hard to see out of I may not wear it for the entire Halloween party. I would return it but it's too close to the event so hopefully I can resell the costume next year!
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Plague dr costume
     By Anonymous / October 14, 2018
Shipped right on time. Did not stink. My son loves it. Good quality for a costume!!!
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Must have been through the plague
     By Anonymous / October 13, 2018
Points for effort but i’d Rather not, you know, get the plague while wearing this.
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