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64'' Pose-N-Stay Werewolf Skeleton

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Product Information

Items Included
  • Skeleton
  • 64'' Pose-N-Stay Werewolf Skeleton
  • Molded plastic skeleton
  • Cord loop on top of skull for hanging
  • Fully articulated
  • Tighten screws at joints to hold in position (Phillips screwdriver needed, not included)

Have you ever tried to battle against a raging werewolf, just so you can display his skeletal remains inside your home? It’s not easy. Sure, all the legends say that you can just shoot old wolfie with a silver bullet, but have you ever priced out the cost on a silver bullet? Then, you actually have to shoot him with it, which is an even more difficult ordeal. Werewolves don’t just stand around while you take aim with your pistol. They’re always dashing around and leaping about, so it’s not exactly an easy shot to make. If you miss, he won’t be too happy and we all know what happens when werewolves get angry!

Yes, there’s a much better way to get a werewolf skeleton to display in your home. Just use this Pose-N-Stay Werewolf Skeleton! It gives you the menacing look of real bones, without you ever having to put yourself in impending danger. It’s made out of synthetic materials, so no werewolves will be mad at your for slaying their brethren.

Size Chart
Standard Height 64" 163cm
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Five Stars
      By Current Customer / November 20, 2018
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