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Spread the love this holiday- spread it with plenty of hoots and hollers with our ridiculous and ugly Christmas sweaters. Whether they're funny Made by Us knits or you wanted a look that celebrates your favorite sports team, you're sure to turn some heads. Your holiday look might be crude, rude, or well... innocent and sweet. Either way, there's something for everyone. Scroll on through and spread the cheer, this time comes but once a year!
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Christmas Present Pet Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Vintage Santa Pet Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Krampus Dog Sweater
Sale - 17% Made By Us
Santa vs Shark Pet Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Santa and Reindeer Pet Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Narwhal Dog Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Gingerbread Dog Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Llama Holiday Dog Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Christmas Tree Dog Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Dog Cthulu Sweater
Sale - 33% Made By Us

Every year the holiday season rolls around and every year we see the same old thing: lights, trees, presents, TV specials and, of course, a party or two. Whether you're going to a work holiday party or you have to spend Christmas Eve with your extended family, you should really give a look-see at our ugly Christmas sweaters to liven things up. We are real sweater enthusiasts that would love to give you a quick ugly sweater idea.

It's totally up to you whether you wear one of the offensive Christmas sweaters, or just the hilarious ones. Or maybe you should just go with the ugliest, biggest, loudest, craziest Christmas sweater we have just to inspire some laughs. Browse through our selection to whip up some ugly Christmas sweater ideas. In the end, isn't joy and inspiration exactly what the season is all about? How To

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Ding Dong, Ding Dong! Doorbells are ringing and folks are singing. It’s Christmas party time! What do the holidays mean to you? Do you revert back to your childhood ways, shaking each present under the tree to find out what you got? Perhaps you’re headed out to do some ice fishing on the lake while a bird cooks in the oven. We all have different traditions that get us into the holiday spirit... but there is one thing taking over the holiday celebration and we wouldn't have it any other way! Of course, we're talking about heading out into the winter wonderland, raising toasts with kith and kin, and seeing who has the best of the worst sweaters imaginable. Scroll on through to find different ideas for showing off your particular brand of holly jolly this season.

Made By Us Unique Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We don't want to toot our own horn, but we like to think we've got a keen eye for costumes and apparel that bring a bright smile to everyone's face. Failing that, we're sure we know how to elicit a facepalm, groan, or a pained chuckle. (We're aiming for award-winning "Dad Jokes" here!) So, of course, we've got our eye on ugly Christmas sweaters, too.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Our Made By Us design team has channeled every ounce of holiday spirit into creating the perfect ugly Christmas sweaters! Each one was dreamed up in our in-house studios and crafted by a team that goes wild for out-there fun. Whether you're enjoying a White Elephant party or a more traditional family celebration at the homestead, it's time to find the ugly Christmas sweater that screams you!

DC Comics Ugly Christmas Sweaters

DC Comics Batman Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Flight delays, nasty weather, burnt turkeys, and lost gifts. Somewhere along the way, every holiday needs a hero. And you’re just the one to step in to save the day. Give your Christmas a little boost from your favorite comics by owning your own holiday sweater featuring everyone from Batman and the Flash to someone a little villainous, too!

WWE Ugly Christmas Sweaters

WWE Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You know that moment at the holiday gathering when half the family launches into a chat about their favorite athlete and who will beat who in which kind of match? (When the other half rolls their eyes?) Well, launch into those debates even sooner when you're wearing your favorite WWE superstar on your chest. Macho Man vs. the Undertaker? Or what about the Ultimate Warrior?!

Santa Claus Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Adult Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You can't talk about Christmas without mentioning the big guy himself: Santa Claus! If you're aiming for serious holiday Ho-Ho-Hos, you can't go wrong with wearing Santa on your sleeve. Whether this magical guy is wrestling bears, fighting sharks... or even doing his job flying through the sky, delivering presents, and checking his list, you can bring Santa right home!

Care Bears Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

Talking about cheerful folks that fly among the clouds, there's nobody who knows the art of giving quite like the Care Bears do! Sure, they might not leap to mind right away when you're thinking about Christmas, but what is jollier than a cuddly teddy bear...especially when they've got magical rainbows shooting out of their tummies?! Time to have the same power!

Couples Ugly Christmas Sweaters

While the holidays are a lot of fun, there’s also plenty of stress. You’ve got to remember all the gifts, the dish to pass around, and all the while you've gotta maintain that jolly spirit. You and the family can usually pull it off without a hitch, but you can make parties more fun when you and your partner dress up in coordinated sweaters. Since we're already tackling the intricacies of finding the right ugly Christmas sweater and the perfect tacky holiday-wear ideas, picking out a couple’s look is naturally the next step!

There are other things you've got to keep in mind for your couple's sweater style. Pick your theme and you’ll find that you and yours work together better than ever when you’re wearing holiday knits. Win whole card game tournaments, wow everyone with your home-baked pie, and sing carols louder than anyone else. You and yours will delight your kith and kin this holiday season. All you need to set this season off right is the right ugly Christmas sweaters. (In fact, double up again for a whole group!)

Disney Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Disney Ugly?Christmas Sweaters

Is your favorite Disney franchise a part of your family holiday celebrations? Are you always looking for a new way to bring them into the holly jolly madness? You already watch the movies with your nieces and nephews while staying up late, waiting for the big man in red. Add more to the tradition when you rock everything from classic Disney to Incredibles and Toy Story.

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Curling up and watching the classics with the family makes for holiday history... but what’s considered 'classic' is different for each family! Perhaps yours is one from far, far away. While others love It's a Wonderful Life, you might go to hyperspace and jump to Star Wars. So long as it isn't the Star Wars Christmas Special, that is. These Star Wars sweaters are ugly enough as is!

Family Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There's nothing better than bringing the whole family together for the perfect holiday picture. Folks go wild creating scenes that will tell everyone they know how their family has grown in a single snap. You can show everyone's unique style with a different sweater for each or you can find that perfect unicorn of the sea that will stand for the entire family unit. Bring everybody together in their own ugly Christmas sweater and pose in front of a tree next to the fireplace. Set up that camera for a good long delay and be ready to take several pictures before you find the perfect one. Honestly, every one of you will break into laughter just thinking of the crazy, tacky sweaters that you're about to send to everyone you know. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Family Ugly Christmas Sweaters Monster