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Ensure Halloween is scary and sweet with a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume! Inspired by Gozer’s chosen form, a Ghostbusters Stay Puft costume from our selection is perfect for finishing your classic Ghostbusters group look. Inspire a new generation of busters to answer the call with a Stay Puft costume based on the mini mallows seen in Afterlife. Whatever the plan, you’re sure to create memories that stick with our Stay Puft collection!
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Ghostbusters Kids Stay Puft Costume
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Ghostbusters hit the silver screen on June 8, 1984, and the rest, as they say, is history! Literally. Ghostbusters has been preserved in the National Film Registry, and (for the most part) you can’t say the title without people knowing exactly what you’re talking about. But there’s nothing paranormal about that. The combination of comedy, horror, and action simply made the 80s film an instant classic, beloved by a diverse audience. And with its success, it was given attention in other media, making it more accessible to the masses.

However, while everyone recognizes the beige jumpsuits and laser-shooting proton packs, there’s another character that really sticks with fans.

Towering over the city, in the film’s final moments, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man flashes a sweet smile that promises nothing but destruction. Ray Stantz couldn’t help himself. Faced with the impending arrival of Gozer, the Destructor, he thought of the sweetest character that couldn’t possibly hurt anyone. And the phenomenal giant Stay Puft was born.

Now, whether celebrating the iconic film or planning a crowd-pleasing group Halloween costume, Stay Puft is a must-have piece of the puzzle. Which is why you’re here in our selection of Stay Puft Halloween costumes. With everything from a Stay Puft toddler costume that’ll have you melting over its cuteness to inflatable Stay Puft options that are equal parts sweet, silly, and spooky, you’ll have everything you need and s’more!

For an authentic Ghostbusters experience, you can’t go wrong shopping our selection! Pair our officially licensed Stay Puft exclusives with matching Made By Us Ghostbusters jumpsuits or dresses. Add a proton pack and maybe a Slimer purse for even more trick-or-treat fun! Gearing up for the newest Ghostbusters installment? Mix and match classic looks and accessories with Afterlife Mini Puft costumes.

Looking for even more Stay Puft costume ideas? How about these! Wrap your newborn in a Stay Puft bunting for a family Ghostbusters look that can’t possibly fail. Let your littlest Ghostbuster carry a super cuddly Stay Puft plush to complete their look and keep the gooey giant in control. Whip up some marshmallow-based treats in a Stay Puft apron set. Or unleash an army of mini and jumbo mallows with Stay Puft marshmallow costumes in sizes fit for every sweet tooth and paranormal enthusiast.

From 1984 to today, Ghostbusters is here to stay, and while our candy cravings may be biased, we think Stay Puft has something to do with that. Though, maybe that’s just because of the sticky mess that Gozer Puft left behind when the proton streams crossed. We may never know for sure. What we do know is you’re going to love our Stay Puft and wider Ghostbusters costume selection!