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There are a ton of unique looks that reach from the past into the modern Halloween aesthetic. But few are quite as mysterious and compelling a silhouette as the Plague Doctor. If you are looking to create a historic look that will make new memories for years to come, there's no better time to shop our Plague Doctor Accessories than now! With modern takes on the 17th-century masks, cloaks, and more, we'll make your look gothically glorious!
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Plague Doctor Kit
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Womens Black Patent Over the Knee Boots
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Child Black Gloves
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Tall Black Costume Boots
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Plague Doctor Staff Accessory
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Black Nylon Over The Knee Stockings
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Plus Size Black Fishnet Stockings
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Women's Patent Faux Leather Thigh High Boots
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Women's Sheer Tie-Front Black Skirt
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Plague Doctor Mask
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Womens Patent Faux Leather Mary Jane Shoes
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Evil Nun Makeup Kit
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Women's Sexy Black Faux Leather Knee High Boots
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Womens Black Monster Boots
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Opaque Black Tights
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Skull Hand Hair Clips UPD
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Adult Deluxe Witch Wig
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Women's Black and Grey Ombre Wig
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Kids Black Velvet Hooded Cape Main
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Womens Satin Black Leggings main upd
Womens Grey Nylon Opaque Tights
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Doomsday Gas Mask
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Platform Bat Banshee Heels
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Platform Raven Comando Boot
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Potion Ombre Press on Nails Kit
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Plague Doctor Brown Mask
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Women's Black Rhinestone Tights
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Casket Locket Ring
Black Eyelashes

Black Eyelashes

Plague Doctor Staff
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When you live in the streets of 17th-century Europe, seeing the eerie appearance of a figure in a long, black coat and a beaked mask would reasonably make you concerned. Hanging around folks during the Black Plague hardly sounds like a great idea and the presence of these gothic figures hardly makes it seem fun. However, when you're living in the 21st Century, it means that you might be on your way to an epic party and you'll be needing a killer costume.

We can help make sure that yours is epic thanks to our collection of Plague Doctor Costume Accessories! This curated collection transports you back to those eerie 17th century streets in a fun and snazzy way, whether you are constructing a DIY costume or picking one of our own and adding some extra nuances to your look!

At the heart of this category lies the Plague Doctor Mask, a symbol of both fear and fascination. Crafted with attention to historical accuracy and modern comfort, these masks are available in various materials, from leather to more contemporary options, ensuring you can find the perfect balance between authenticity and wearability. For masquerades, costume parties, or captivating your social media followers, the iconic beaked masks are Plague Doctor perfection.

Complementing the masks are costume kits that provide a comprehensive solution for your Plague Doctor attire. These kits include essential pieces such as cloaks, gloves, and boots, each designed to replicate the haunting silhouette of these medieval physicians. The cloaks, available in multiple lengths and fabrics, add a dramatic flair to your appearance, while the gloves and boots ensure your transformation is complete from head to toe.

No Plague Doctor ensemble would be complete without the iconic lanterns and staffs, accessories that add layers of authenticity and intrigue to your costume. Choose from functional LED lanterns or gothic props to create an ambiance of mystery and dread, perfect for night-time events. The staff comes in many forms, from serpentine to skeletal to suave, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the character.

For those looking to add an extra touch of elegance or menace to their Plague Doctor persona, our costume jewelry selection offers an array of options. From necklaces bearing the symbols of the time to buckles that tell tales of alchemy and mysticism, these pieces are the perfect way to enhance your costume with subtlety and style.

Whether you're aiming for historical accuracy, seeking to terrify, or simply looking to stand out with a unique and captivating look, our Plague Doctor addons are designed to not only complement your costume but also to offer a piece of history, a touch of horror, and a dash of mystery to your wardrobe. Monster