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Bring sweetness and song into any Halloween party with a nanny costume that's sure to put you in a musical spirit! From solo ensembles to group costumes that'll make pictures that'll be treasured for years to come. We have chimney sweep costumes for Men and adults and a variety of nanny costumes for children and women. Pair these costumes with a chimney sweep or a beautiful white lace parasol and you're sure to look practically perfect!
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Mary Poppins Womens Mary Poppins Blue Coat Costume
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Kids Chimney Sweep Costume
Chimney Sweep Costume
Deluxe Mary Poppins Costume
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Deluxe Women's Mary Poppins Costume1
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Deluxe Women's Mary Poppins Costume

English Nanny Costume
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English Nanny Costume for Women

Girls Singing Nanny Costume
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Girl's Nanny Costume

Girl's Nanny Costume



Kids White Costume Gloves
Plus Size White Gloves

Plus Size White Gloves

White Lace Parasol
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White Lace Parasol Prop

Nanny Umbrella Accessory
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Nanny Umbrella Accessory


Looking to become a superhero for your next Halloween party? How about a hero that can make even the most chaotic home life smooth? A hero who teaches wild children to clean-up, take their medicine, and appreciate the little things with a little imagination? How about a hero who teaches parents to slow down and be with their kids while they're still young.

Not all heroes wear capes, that was established a while back. But it's about time we recognized a hero who comes in and make childhood a little more manageable and a lot more magical, the nanny! No, we're not talking about Fran Drescher (although that's a great costume too) We're talking about the well dressed and fancy English nannies featured on this page

Nannies are pretty amazing. They hop into a family home and raise kids that are not their own. All while making sure the home remains peaceful and clean at the same time. And if a family is really lucky, they'll even get a nanny that sings! That's wher our favorite nanny, Mary Poppins comes up! These licensed Mary Poppins costumes come in both children's and Women's sizes. The lovely white lace dress has gorgeous Edwardian style details like a high-neck ruffled bodice, a red waist accent. The look is topped off with a dramatic wide-brimmed hat and fingerless lace gloves. This ensemble is sure to make an impact as soon as you land at your family's London home!

Want to pair up in your nanny costume? Pair up with the sooty and dashing, Bert and you're sure to want to break out into song and dance. Have a couple of other people that you want to pair up with. Maybe a couple of kiddos under your care? Relive some of your favorite nanny moments with group costumes that include a couple dancing penguins and you're sure to win Cutest Costume at your next Halloween party. 

Want a different take on the nanny costume? No matter what size or age you are, you're sure to love this variety of looks. Throw on the gorgeous ankle-length blue dress and you'll want to be the best nanny you can be! Want to get all the costume accessories in one order? The Women's Plus Size Nanny costume has a structured jacket, a parrot head umbrella-topper, and a sweet flowered hat that's all paired with a classic navy blue skirt. 

Whether you dream about cleaning your home's rooms with nothing but a song and a wink or you're really talented at fitting everything you need inside your handbag, nanny costumes are here for you! Order the Mary Poppins accessory kit or the gorgeous white Mary Poppins dress and you're sure to love your look. Now, whether you want to sing where ever you go is up to you. But just remember that traveling by kite and umbrella takes a whole lot of upper body strength. 

Make your Halloween costume fun and family friendly! A costume this sweet will make any kind of medicine go down nice and easy.