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A female vampire is glamorous and beautiful, and our girls' vampire costumes let her be ghoulish and gorgeous at the same time! She can be as modern as Draculaura, or as traditional as a Gothic lady or the Bloody Countess.    

A vampire has to be charming, of course, to lure her victims. So practice your party manners and vampire skills. If you're a Countess or a Gothic lady you'll need to be able to curtsey. For any vampire you'll need to be able to make yourself look great without seeing your reflection in a mirror. A vampire wig makes that easy, but the makeup (for that perfect, pale complexion) may take a few tries to get it just right.   

Be sure to add the fake blood. Or not, if you're Draculaura! You can choose whether to be a creepy historic vampire, or a modern, hip one. To be a modern vampire, you could wear normal school clothes and just do the hair and makeup. Whether you're coming from twilight or from the dawn of legend, you'll be a great vampire!