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Captain Hook Costumes

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Don’t let Peter Pan upstage Captain Hook again. Get the fearsome pirate looking and feeling their best with Captain Hook costumes available in our selection! From velveteen coats adorned with golden embellishments to the curly black wig and Captain Hook hook to polish your look, you’re sure to discover a Captain Hook Halloween costume to treasure when you shop with us!
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Kid's Captain Hook Costume
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Kid's Captain Hook Costume
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When you think of a pirate, it's a safe bet that one of the first names you think of is Captain Hook. He's one of the most memorable fictional villains ever created. He's been portrayed countless times on stage, screen, and in print, by many different actors and writers.

The original creator of Captain James (sometimes abbreviated as Jas) Hook was J.M. Barrie. In the stage play Peter Pan and its novelization, Peter and Wendy, Barrie discloses that "Hook was not his true name. To reveal who he really was would even at this date set the country in a blaze." So we are never told Hook's true name or origins. Later authors have given him a back-story as the illegitimate son of a nobleman. Barrie also described Hook as having a handsome countenance and elegant diction. He is quite well-educated, having been a student at Eton and at Oxford. With the advantage of an elite education, how did he end up a pirate? We're never told. He lost his hand (the right, according to Barrie, but the left in many other depictions) in a duel with Peter Pan. The severed hand is then eaten by a crocodile, which incident gives Hook his two great fears. He's afraid of crocodiles, and the sight of his own blood. The crocodile ultimately does him in, when Hook is knocked overboard by Peter in the duel to save Wendy.

If you want to become Hook, you can choose the cultured gentleman pirate of Barrie's original conception, or the comic buffoon of the Disney film. Choose a pirate costume--we have Hook costumes for both kids and adults. Add a hook (of course!). Pair with friends as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, or just other pirates. You need a crew for your ship, don't you? How To

Captain Hook Costumes

If you want to sail into Halloween with a transformative costume then dressing as one of the most notorious pirates of all time guarantees you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. The one and only Captain Hook may sail the fictional Neverland seas but there was a time during our childhood when he felt real to all of us. Now you can bring your favorite Disney villains to life with our selection of Halloween pirate costumes. Whether you want to join Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and Wendy Darling and form an illustrious Neverland group or go on a solo mission to find buried lost treasure, we’re positive that you can find a captivating Captain Hook costume right here at!

We’ve scoured the land far and wide to make sure that we have the best pirate costumes for adults and kids and we’re pleased to present the following Halloween pirate costumes. No need to examine a map or fly straight on ‘til morning because we’ve rounded up our most convincing Captain Hook costumes and accessories, so browse this page and pick out your must-have pirate essentials. Kids will have fun pretending to make their friends walk an imaginary plank and adults might have a little fun prodding passersby with their fake hook hand. Whatever your pirate aspirations are, our selection of Halloween pirate costumes will transform you into Disney’s most infamous pirate.

Love Your Look as Captain Hook

So you did it, you picked out your costume and you have everything you need in order to transform into Captain Hook. Your costume has eye-catching details, you have some relevant accessories, and you’re almost ready to make Peter Pan walk the plank once and for all! Since you look so captivating, it’s imperative to take some pictures to always remember the enchanting evening when you embodied one of Disney’s most popular villains. In this next section, you’ll find images to inspire your very own photoshoot. Use our images to spark your imagination then start snapping pictures!

Ready For An Adventure?

Ready For An Adventure?

Now that you have your costume, it’s time to venture out. To make your picture look as authentic as possible we recommend picking an outdoor location. To properly recreate this image, find a big rock to stand in front of. Making a boulder your background is wise because it gives the appearance that your ship just docked. Strike an intimidating pose and don’t forget to show off your hook!



You would think a big, bad, pirate like Captain Hook wouldn’t have any fears, but he’s deathly afraid of Tick-Tock the Crocodile. If he hears a faint ticking of an alarm clock, he turns into a quivering baby. Poke fun at this by looking hesitant while holding up a clock necklace. We also advise that you wear a black curly wig and a stick on mustache accessory.

Crew Of Merry Men

Crew Of Merry Men

There are a lot of applicable costumes that can be paired with a Captain Hook ensemble to form a cute group costume, creating a memorable experience for your whole family. This Halloween, turn your whole family into a crew of merry pirates to form Hook’s unruly troupe. We have plenty of fashionable women’s pirate costumes to satisfy all types of style preferences. Don’t forget to peruse all of our kid’s pirate costumes so little ones can get in on the fun too. Take a family picture outside and be sure to share it on social media.

Croc Attack!

Croc Attack!

Last but not least, capture Hook next to his biggest fear (a hungry and toothy crocodile) to create a silly picture family portrait that will look great hanging on your wall. Dress your littlest one in a toddler crocodile costume then have him scare Hook (AKA dad). Be there to make sure the endearing moment is caught on camera!

Adult Captain Hook Costumes

The adult pirate costumes in this section are all perfect for your Disney-inspired transformation. They feature gorgeous red fabric, ornate ruffles, and a prominent white feather, so we proudly boast that our Captain Hook costumes are the best in the land. There’s no need to battle a gigantic crocodile with an alarm clock in its belly, and don’t bother pestering Smee to go on a wise goose chase hunting down a convincing costume for you. We have a wide variety of Captain Hook adult costumes for both men and women and once you’re wearing one, you’ll feel as though you’ve stumbled upon a chest filled with solid gold doubloons!

Hook Costume Hook Costume

If you’re looking for a Hook costume to make you feel commanding, powerful, and mighty, then look no further than this very costume right here. It’s a deluxe costume so it (basically) comes with everything you need in order to look and feel like the real deal. You’ll receive the red velvet knee-length jacket, the matching vest, the elastic waistband pants, the ruffled jabot, a pair of boot tops, and even the fancy fur-trim hat. Browse our selection of fake clocks so you have a fitting (and funny) accessory to carry on you during your adventurous night out. If you want to fashion this premiere costume into a comical couple’s costume then we’d like to check out our alligator/crocodile costumes for your companion. Fellow partygoers will crack up when they see Captain Hook walk in with his famous frenemy, Tick-Tock, in tow.

Captain Hook Costume for Men Captain Hook Costume for Men

What’s the best way to get revenge on Peter Pan? Have a better costume, of course! Wear this Captain Hook costume for men to instantly look more debonair than your sworn enemy. This costume turns men into Neverland’s premiere swashbuckling pirate by outfitting them in a matching shirt/vest combo, red velvet jacket with silver braid trim, and cropped pants with elastic at the waist and cuffs. You’ll look like a buccaneer who is bound and determined to get revenge on the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up (and his pesky shadow). You can make this costume even more convincing by picking up a few key pirate accessories. Once you’re decked out in your Captain Hook costume for men, you’ll be ready to seek vengeance while supervising your crew of misfits. Browse all of our adult pirate costumes and pick out the perfect costumes for your friends. Now your entire squad will look like a merry band of sea-spoilers.

Sexy Captain Hook Costume Sexy Captain Hook Costume

It wouldn’t be fair if only men got to dress up as Neverland’s most feared pirate, which is why we created this sexy Captain Hook costume for women. A feminine and unique take on Captain Hook’s iconic ensemble, this costume was designed and created by us so you can expect superior quality and excellent craftsmanship. The dress has a velvet-like feel and a lace-trim hemline. The belt features a gold buckle and an attached striped waist scarf. You’ll also receive a fancy and frilly jabot as well as a tricorn hat with an attached lone fluffy feather. Check out our selection of boots and pistols to accessorize this commanding look. Hunting down Peter Pan and the Lost Boys has never looked so fierce.

Captain Hook Adult Costume Captain Hook Adult Costume

Fans of the ABC show Once Upon A Time know that Captain Hook isn't only a cartoon character: he's also a hunky bad boy and charming pirate on the popular show. If you'd rather morph into this portrayal of Captain Hook, then you’re in for a real treat. This Captain Hook adult costume will make you look as alluring as the “Dark One.” Cloaking you in a faux leather jacket with decorative gold buttons, a coordinating pullover vest, as well as pants with attached boot covers, this complete costume is instantly enchanting. Finish off your Captain Hook adult costume by picking up some black makeup so you can outline the outer rims of your eyes.

Adult Captain Hook Costume Adult Captain Hook Costume

Another ladies’ pirate costume, this adult captain hook costume will make you look like a sassy version of Neverland’s number one rapscallion. You’ll instantly look like your fleet’s most fashionable lady-pirate when you’re wearing the slim-fit elastic waistband pants paired with the red velvet frock coat. In true pirate fashion, this adult Captain Hook costume also comes with a posh gold buckle, fancy and frilly jabot, and a pair of lace-ruffled cuffs. Of course, no high-fashion Hook costume is complete without a haughty tricorn hat. We recommend one with fur-trim and a luxurious feather.

Pirate Halloween Costume Pirate Halloween Costume

If Hook was one of your favorite movies growing up, you’ll fall in love with this fairytale-inspired look. The particular pirate Halloween costume outfits wearers in a menacing long red coat to give them a dangerous and animated appearance. The bold look is rounded out with a tunic, pants, sash, ascot, hat, and a pair of shoe covers. Designed and created by us, this costume is made from quality fabric and includes everything you need for your magically villainous transformation. Pick up a mustache accessory to look extra intimidating in case Rufio and Pan are brave enough to challenge you to a duel.

Pirate Costumes for Boys and Girls

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Could that be the sound of a hand-chomping crocodile approaching, or is that the clock counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds until Halloween? Kids who are browsing our selection of pirate costumes for boys and girls will be especially blown away by the next group of costumes. Kids will love changing into Disney’s most sinister scallywag for a day. Both boys and girls can experience what it’s like to call Peter Pan their arch nemesis. In fact, pair any of these Hook costumes with a child’s Peter Pan or Tinkerbell costume to create an adorable BFF costume.

Boys Captain Hook Boys Captain Hook

So your little guy wants to live a life of piracy? Well, there’s no better way to learn the ways of a rough-and-tumble pirate than by following in the footsteps of the one and only Captain Hook. This boy’s Captain Hook costume is the smaller version of the adult costume so dads can dress up to match their little ones. Check out our assortment of pirate cutlasses so you and your mini-Hook can have the cutest sword fight while scavenging for sweets.

Disney Captain Hook Costume Disney Captain Hook Costume

If your little boy loves making his action figures walk the proverbial plank and exclaiming “yar” instead of “yes” whenever you ask a question, then he’ll love our pirate costumes for boys. What better way to introduce him to the pirate’s life then by helping him transform into Disney’s most devilish? This Disney Captain Hook costume changes little boys from young ruffians into their favorite cartoon buccaneer. This costume even comes with a soft hook so there won’t be any injuries while boys are busy with their pirate pursuits!

Pirate Princess Costume Pirate Princess Costume

It looks like Captain Hook has undergone a life-changing makeover. He went from wearing his trusty red waistcoat to sashaying around the ship in a beautiful, pink tiered dress. And we have to admit, we’re here for it. This adorable pirate princess costume transforms young ladies into a super girly version of Captain Hook. This costume comes with the ruffled dress, a foam belt, a matching hat, and a pair of frilly boot tops. It’s everything your little scallywag needs to feel like seafaring royalty!

Kid’s Captain Hook Costume Kid’s Captain Hook Costume

Boy, this little guy sure does mean business. He’s been hunting down his sworn enemy, Peter Pan for a while in hopes of finally thwarting him. Wow, just look at that icy glare! We bet he’s ready to turn one of his enemies into crocodile food. This kid’s Captain Hook costume is perfect for boys who want an intimidating and flashy look to recreate their favorite Disney pirate’s iconic ensemble. This costume comes with everything you need except the hat, hook, sword and intimidating stare.

Captain Hook Accessories

Captain Hook is a pirate with a lot of flair. When all your time is spent ransacking Neverland for shiny gold medallions and flashy precious stones it makes sense to show them off regularly. Besides his admiration for everything sparkly, Hook is famous for a few more notable attributes. Of course, he wouldn’t be Captain James Hook without his signature dangerous prosthetic, the hooked hand. Other striking physical features include his curled mustache, long black locks, and feared dueling sword. You may have a highly sought-after Hook costume but you won’t truly feel like the legendary pirate without the following accessories.

Captain Hook Hook

Captain Hook Hook

Legend has it that Captain Hook’s hand as well as his alarm clock were both gobbled up by an extra-large croc. Now the Neverland baddie goes into a state of panic whenever he hears the faint ticking of a clock in the distance. The hook is his most renowned feature and is often the focus of all of Pan’s taunts. Make sure to add this Captain Hook hook to whatever costume you choose. Here’s a pro tip: picking up your drink may be difficult so use your other hand!

Captain Hook Hat

Captain Hook Hat

You can’t truly be a pirate without a fancy hat! Captain Hook is known for his exquisite red pirate hat featuring a long white feather. If you’re dressing up as one of the most feared cartoon pirates of all time, then make sure to add this Captain Hook hat. The all-red hat has an asymmetric oval brim that is wider on the left size. This hat will work for everyone since it features an adjustable band on the inside and it can be used to accessorize many different types of Hook costumes. Monster