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54 Costume Ideas for Dudes With Beards: The Ultimate Resource! [Costume Guide]

by |October 2, 2023

Costume Ideas for Dudes with Beards

What do you do when you have a big old beard and you’re trying to come up with a Halloween costume with a beard? You use it, of course! Embrace that facial hair and let it be part of your ensemble. There’s no reason you need to shave just for Halloween, just get a costume for dudes with beards and you're set! No matter if you have a little stubble, a fine mustache, a long goatee, or a long flowing beard, there’s a costume choice for you. We spent some time combing through the farthest reaches of the internet for inspiration for all you whiskered gentlemen. (There are only so many times guys with beards can put on a dress for a bearded lady costume!) We're looking to create real Halloween costumes for men with beards! (Maybe someday you can find funny beard costumes or costumes for beards!) The sky is the limit here.


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The Most Iconic Character Beards Ever

by |September 12, 2022
Categories: Costume Guides

The Most Iconic Beards Ever

A beard really makes the character. Would Santa be so jolly without his white-as-snow whiskers? Would Mr. T be so intimidating without his full goatee and sideburns? And can you even imagine Jack Sparrow at ALL without picturing him twirling his facial hair as he stumbled about? No. We love thinking about Halloween costumes for dudes with beards, and, frankly, we can’t get enough of it. Here is our list of the characters with the most iconic beards EVER. We’ve selected only fictional bearded characters (sorry Abe Lincoln and Bob Ross), and this list is in no particular order.


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Be the Best There Is at What You Do: DIY Wolverine & Alternate Logan Costume Ideas

by |October 30, 2015

Be the Best There Is at What You Do: DIY Wolverine & Alternate Logan Costume Ideas

James "Logan" Howlett, better known as Wolverine, is the most iconic character in Marvel’s superhero team the X-Men, and possibly in Marvel comics as a whole. He’s pretty much the leader of the X-Men, if you ignore Scott “Prettyboy-I-Mean-Cyclops” Summers, which you should. (Ooh! Shots Energy beams fired.) What this means is that Wolverine has always been a popular choice...

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Most Popular Superheroes by State [Interactive Infographic Map]

by |October 9, 2014
Categories: Superheroes

Superheroes by State Map


It’s no secret that we just can’t get enough of superheroes – luckily, we aren’t alone! Superheroes are a popular interest of all sorts of demographics! But which heroes? HOW popular? We’ve generated a map of the favorite superheroes in the United States, state-by-state. Any guesses as to who takes the cake cape?


While it may not be the jaw-dropping answer you were looking for, Batman leads the crusade, winning the top spot in all 50 states! Since...

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Wolverine's Costume Evolution [Infographic]

Wolverine Costume Evolution Header Image

This coming July 26th, we expect the highly anticipated film The Wolverine to take box offices by storm. Get it? Storm? Whether or not you plan to grab a ticket and see those adamantium claws slash up the silver screen, we hope you enjoy our visual guide to the evolution of Wolverine's celebrated costume!...

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