Superhero Costume Ideas: Robin

by |July 31, 2015

Superhero Costume Ideas: Robin


When it comes to Halloween, there’s really no better place to find costume ideas from than the pages of Batman. If the Dark Knight or his rogues gallery doesn't suit your costume needs, then look no further than Batman’s sidekick, Robin. In Batman’s 75 year history there have been many who have taken up the mantle of Robin. Batman has trained 4 different Robin's in his time as the Dark Knight, and each of them became like sons to Batman (one of them actually is Batman's son). Let us inspire you with their histories, their first costumes, and the costumes that each of them wear today! 



Dick Grayson – Nightwing


The first Robin, Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson, is the orphaned son of John and Mary Grayson. Together they formed The Flying Graysons, one of the world’s greatest acrobatic acts, for Haley's Circus. When the circus owner they worked for had a run in with the mob, the Graysons were used as an example, and Dick's parents were killed in front of a crowd of spectators. Dick entered the foster system, and was later adopted as a ward by Bruce Wayne. Eventually Dick would discover his guardian’s night time activities and join him as Robin the Boy Wonder. After growing up a bit as Robin, Dick would go out on his own as the costumed crusader Nightwing, and become his own brand of hero.


Dick's Robin & Nightwing Costumes

Dick Grayson Robin Nightwing.jpg

[Image Source: Left | Right]

  • Robin chosen as a nickname Dick's mom used for him


  • Leotard allowed for acrobatic freedom


  • Red, Yellow, Green colors honor the Flying Graysons
  • Nightwing color scheme chosen for stealth


  • Cape removed for more acrobatic freedom


  • Escrima Sticks used in combat



Jason Todd – Red Hood


Jason Todd was raised on the mean streets of Gotham as the son of two petty criminals. Jason himself turned to crime after his father was sent to prison and his step-mother had a drug addiction. After a confrontation when Jason attempted to steal the tires off the Batmobile,  Batman would go on to adopt Jason and train him as Robin. Jason was as capable as Grayson, but far more aggressive. Jason would often go too far with particularly bad criminals, beating them to within an inch of their life. Jason would meet his end at the hands of the Joker in the “Death in the Family” story arc. Years later DC brought Jason back through Talia al Ghul’s intervention (and a well-placed Lazarus Pit).


Jason's Robin Costume & Red Hood Costume

Jason Todd Robin Red Hood.jpg

[Image Source: Left | Right]

  • Robin costume was the same one used by Dick Grayson. Leotard allowed for acrobatic freedom


  • Jason dyed his hair at first, to more resemble the first Robin
  • The Red Hood, costume based on one of the Joker's aliases


  • Armored chest (including red bat symbol), jacket, and bright red helmet


  • Tactical gear housed batarangs, glider wings, communications


  • Jason’s weapon of choice: twin custom Jerico 941 pistols.



Tim Drake – Red Robin


At the age of 9, Tim Drake deduced the identities of Batman and Robin after watching Robin perform a quadruple somersault, a feat only the Flying Graysons were able to do. Four years after Jason Todd’s death, Tim would become the third Robin after convincing both Alfred and Nightwing that Batman needed a Robin to keep him grounded. Batman eventually agreed and put him through both physical and mental training before letting him ‘officially’ become Robin. Tim had a sharper intellect than Dick, and a more mild temperament than Jason. Tim would go on to lead the super-group The Teen Titans. Tim would eventually take on his own superhero persona, Red Robin, to fight crime solo.


Tim's Robin Costume & Red Robin Costume

Tim Drake Robin Red Robin  

[Image Source: Left | Right]

  • Tim's Robin costume did not use the leotard. Opted instead for a 'safer' full body outfit
  • Tim used a bo-staff in melee combat
  • Cape on the new Robin outfit
  • Red Robin Costume is a mixture of Batman and Robin costumes
  • Original Red Robin costume included cape with a cowl
  • Red Robin’s belt also conceals his bo-staff, his weapon of choice
  • Later costumes use a domino mask and high collared cape instead of cowl (pictured above)



Damian Wayne – Robin


The son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, Damian Wayne was trained in secret by the League of Assassins for nearly a decade before being released into Bruce’s custody. He struggles with Batman’s no-kill rule, believing that death would provide the ultimate form of justice to Batman’s foes. When Bruce disappeared, believed dead by many, Damian acted as Robin to Dick Grayson, when he picks up the mantle of the Bat. Bruce would eventually return and allow Damian to continue as Robin, with Dick returning to duty as Nightwing.


Damian’s Robin Costume

Damian Wayne Robin.jpg


  • Same colors as previous Robins, added black base garment


  • Less body armor than previous Robins


  • Cape includes hood to mask face


  • Domino Mask is green instead of black



Robin & Nightwing Costumes

Robin Costumes and Nightwing Costumes

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Did you learn some things about any of the Boy Wonders? Which of the four Robin costumes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. You can check out all of costumes from the inhabitants of Gotham city HERE! We've got looks for Poison Ivy, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, and more! 

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