The Grinch Makeup Tutorial: A Christmas DIY

by |December 11, 2014

How To Do the Grinch Makeup

Even though no one wants to be known as a Grinch, it would be pretty fun to show up at a Christmas costume party dressed as Dr. Seuss’ crabby green monster. We put this makeup tutorial together to show you how to transform yourself into the seasick crocodile. The bad banana with a greasy black peel! The three-decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich with arsenic sauce! Mr. Grinch himself. You won't have to worry about wearing a latex mask because you'll be doing your own Grinch face paint instead.


DIY Grinch Makeup Tutorial Video

Here's the DIY Grinch makeup process via video.


Items Used:


The Grinch Costume

The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote: "Stink, stank, stunk!"


DIY Grinch Makeup Tutorial


1. Get into costume and put in the colored contacts. This step is way easier to do before all the makeup is applied, trust us.

2. Using a large makeup brush, apply the medium green face paint all over the face, excluding the lips and the eyes.

3. With a small brush, paint the tip of the nose with black paint. Make sure to fill in the underside of the nose, as well.

4. With the same small brush, draw a line from the bottom of the nose (in between the nostrils) to the lip.

5. Take the dark green and start drawing wrinkles on the top of the nose and on the cheeks, using a small makeup brush.


Grinch Makeup Tutorial


5. Paint the inside of the wrinkles using black eyeshadow to give depth. (Easy special effects!)

6. Draw a few more wrinkles on the nose and the cheeks using the method in steps 5 and 6 - use your discretion on how many to add!

7. Fill in the eyes with the medium green face paint, using the large makeup brush.

8. To achieve a fluffy eyebrow look, alternate small, upward strokes of the dark and light green colors vertically and diagonally across the eyebrows.

  • Extend the “feathers” a good amount past your natural eyebrow. This is the Grinch we’re talking about, so dramatic is totally ok.


Grinch Makeup DIY Tutorial


9. To give the wrinkles even more depth, color the outside “high points” with light green.  

10. Fill the lips in with regular green paint.

11. Using the tip of a mascara brush or a liquid eyeliner wand, add black dots between the nose and lips for whiskers.

12. With a small makeup brush, paint wrinkles in the corners of the eyes with the dark green.

13. Paint the rest of the neck and the ears with the regular green face paint.

14. Final touches! Add a few coats of mascara to the eyelashes, spray the hair with green hairspray so it looks like Grinch hair, and put on a Santa hat!


DIY Grinch Makeup

I wouldn't touch you with a 39 1/2 foot pole!


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If you have a few other Grinchy pals that you’re dragging with to a party, they can get in on the Seuss fun, too! Obviously, there are all the citizens of Whoville, including the cutest one, Cindy Lou Who, that would translate to some festive costuming. Otherwise, for fans of less time-intensive looks, there are cute hat options, as well as comfy sweaters.


Happy holidays! If you try this makeup look, share in the comments! What other tutorials would you like to see?

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