DIY Emoji Costume Ideas

by |October 24, 2014

Emoji Halloween Costumes


Using emojis in your texts is a great way to take your iMessages from basic to brilliant. How else will someone know your true feelings without the inclusion of a little man running away from a piece of cake or a smiling swirl of poop standing next to a saxophone? What a world we live in! Emojis are one of the most amazing technological advances in this modern world, and so to honor that fact, we have created a DIY guide on how to dress as your favorite emoji Halloween costumes!


DIY Dancing Twins Emoji Costume

Dancing Girls Emoji Costume


These two little gals are definitely a fan favorite of texters around the world. Are they ballerinas? Are they bunnies? Are they both? Does it matter? Just focus on how cute and happy they are to be side-by-side. Check out how to make the dancing girl emoji with the products listed below for an easy DIY costume for kids!


Products Used

Emoji Costume DIY

Black Bodysuit         Cat Ears        Tights        Black Heels


DIY Three Monkeys Emoji Costume

Emoji Monkeys Costume


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. These three little monkeys look like they are getting into some trouble! This is SUCH a perfect group costume idea for you and your two friends - and take our word for it, those costumes are really comfy. They're perfect emoji outfits for girls or an easy diy costumes for kids! If you're out and about on Halloween night, however, just be prepared to stop and do these poses about a million times.


Products Used

Monkey Emoji DIY

Cozy Monkey Costume


DIY Pink Shirt Girl Emoji Costume

Pink Shirt Emoji Halloween Costumes

The infamous pink shirt girl! She's always ready to help you express any situation you're in, via emoticon. While the floating arms giving a face massage might be hard to replicate in a real-life setting without a little photoshop (we couldn’t resist!), the others should be a cinch! The scissors effect was done with some fishing line. However, we maybe don’t recommend going to a party wielding such a dangerous item!


You can choose to go solo and be a single pink shirt girl with a whole array of hand movements in your repertoire or get a bunch of ladies together for an easy and cute group costume. Ta-da!


Products Used

Pink Shirt Emoji Costume DIY

Brown Wig        Pink Shirt        Fake Eyelashes


DIY Bride, Cat, and Princess Emoji Costumes

Halloween Costume Emojis DIY


Not into the pink tee? We have a few more options for you. Princess girl doesn’t look too pleased to be royalty (maybe someone texted her the poop emoji?), but the heart-eyes cat is definitely feeling good. We used some liquid eyeliner to draw on the whiskers for the kitty and borrowed the ears headband from a Garfield costume.


Products Used

Halloween Emoji Costumes

Bride Costume        Brown Wig        Cat Ears Headband

Heart Sunglasses        Princess Crown


DIY Salsa Dancing Emoji Costume

Salsa Dancing Emoji Costume


To dress as the sassy salsa dancer emoji, you just have to find everything red in your closet. This senorita dress we used for this emoji dress girl is pretty much a perfect fit – after that, slip into some red heels and apply your brightest red lipstick. Hey! Maybe find those two girls in the black leotards and hit the club.


Products Used

Senorita Emoji DIY

Red Dress        Red Shoes        Brown Wig

Spanish Costumes


DIY Bomb and Collision Emoji Costume

Exploding Bomb Emoji


This costume is extra fantastic because it knocks out two emojis in one look – the bomb AND the explosion. Just because this emoji is an inanimate object doesn’t mean you can’t embody it on Halloween.


Products Used

Bomb Emoji DIY

Black Shoes        Tights


Other DIY Emoji Costume Ideas

Emoji Costume Ideas

Banana        Angel        Cop

Skull Mask              Demon Mask

The above examples not doin' it for you? That’s ok – there are hundreds of options available. You just have to get a little bit creative as you peruse your emoji keyboard. For example, there’s a whole section for food! Imagine a whole group of you and your friends dressed as fruit or desserts. Here are a few more ideas that we think would be a hit. (We also included that little puppy in a jockey costume in case you take your pet trick-or-treating this year. Arf!)


Let us know what other emojis you’ve dressed up as! Leave a comment or picture down below, we’d love to see it!

MaDonna Flowers
MaDonna Flowers

MaDonna is a Brand Specialist at and has dressed up as a cat well over a dozen times in her life for the holiday. Last year, she dressed as her favorite skeleton, Jaunty.