2014 San Diego Comic-Con Coverage Part 2

by |August 1, 2014
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Comic-Con is definitely the fashion week of the Halloween costume industry. Classic styles collide with new trends in a chaotic clustrer of costumey goodness. Here are some cosplay highlights from this year's con!


Attendees In Costume

No better place to start than Game of Thrones. A very large gathering of GOT cosplayers gathered outside the convention center for this epic group shot. Even if your favorite character has already been killed on the show, this photo is proof that they can live on through cosplay forever:


Game of Thrones Group Cosplay SDCC 2014

Valar Morgulis... but only until the next Con.



Hook Rufio Costume SDCC 2014

Ru-fi-o! Ru-fi-o! Ru-fi-Ooooo!



Slugterra Costume SDCC 2014

Slugterra Costume



Mega Man Costume SDCC 2014

Mega Man Costume



femme fatale san diego comic con

A round up of our favorite Femme Fatales



Deadpool Han Solo Costume SDCC

Deadpool Cosplaying as Han Solo



Doctor Who And Cyberman Costume SDCC

Doctor Who and Cyberman Costumes



Shredder Group Costume SDCC 2014

Bebop, and Shredder, and Rocksteady- Oh my!



Meredith Brave Cosplay SDCC 2014

Merida Costume from Brave



Transformers Light Up Comic Con Costume

Light- Up Transformers Costumes



Jawa Costume SDCC 2014

Jawa Costume



Space Monkey Costume SDCC 2014

Space Monkey Costume



Zombie Mario Costume SDCC 2014

Walking Dead Mario Costume



Guardians Gamora Cosplay SDCC 2014

Gamora Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy



Vanellope Wreck-It Ralph Costume

Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph



Elderly Superman Cosplay SDCC 2014

Elderly Superman Costume



Futurama Zoidberg SDCC 2014 Costume

Futurama Doctor Zoidberg Costume



Green Mile Costume

Green Mile Cosplayer- The costume we were not expecting, but loved anyway.


See More Fan Favorites from the Convention Floor in Part 1 of our SDCC coverage HERE



Undercover Celebrities at Comic-Con

It must be pretty hard being a celebrity at Comic-Con. They can't enjoy the sights, sounds, and madness of the convention floor without being mobbed by fans. Or can they? Here are a few of our favorite celebrities who donned a costume in order to walk the floor unbeknown to everyone else... at least those not following their social media accounts.


Daniel Radcliffe at Comic-Con 2014

Daniel Radcliffe "concealed" as Spider-Man, pulled from his Google+ Account



Peter Jackson Comic Con Costume

Peter Jackson undercover as a jester, pulled from his Facebook page



Another undercover Spidey! This time it was Maisie Williams, pulled from her Instagram



Annual SDCC Costume Masquerade

The pinnacle costume event of the week comes Saturday night with the annual costume masquerade. Children and Adults can particpate in different categories ranging from original design to recreations. Participants are not allowed to wear their creations at the Con earlier in the week so that the reveal on Saturday night remains untarnished. Frozen and Game of Thrones were the two more popular themes for the night, but the creativity was present throughout the whole evening!


Frozen Cosplay San Diego Costume Masquerade

Frozen Costumes throughout the Evening



Disney Villains Costume Masquerade SDCC

Ursulas, The Evil Queen from Once Upon a TIme, and Characters from Maleficent



Kids Cosplay at San Diego Comic Con

Kids in Cosplay- Thor & Loki, Captain America & Winter Soldier, Deathstroke & Deathlok, and a Jawa



2014 Comic Con Costume Masquerade

Various Creative Works from Saturday Evening



Batman Costume Masquerade Comic Con 2014

Arkham Asylum Batman Battles his Inner Demons



2014 Comic Con Masquerade

Inspiring Women's Cosplay Costumes



Comic Con Super Fan Costume

Comic-Con Super Fan Mashup--   Can you name them all?



Costume Morph Sand Diego Comic Con

This Creative Contestant Morphed Four Costumes Together



2014 San Diego Masquerade

Creative Skits- Stage Combat, Musicals, Scene Reenactments, and a mock Marvel-DC fashion show.



Godzilla Dance Line Costume SDCC

Godzilla and Friends in a Dancing Kick-Line



2014 San Diego Costume Masquerade

Highly Detailed Cosplay Costumes made by skilled Fabricators.



12 Doctor Who Costume Masquerade SDCC

Doctor Who Tribute to all Twelve incarnations.



Game of Thrones Cosplay SDCC 2014

Margarery Taryll Costume, Arya and Sansa singing Frozen's 'Let it Go,' and a White Walker 



Game of Thrones Dragon Costumes SDCC

The Mother of Dragons would be proud as Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal from GOT take stage.



Westeros Side Story GOT Cosplay SDCC

Westoros Side Story- A musical parody of Game of Thrones


What can really be better than seeing Game of Thrones characters in a West Side Story tribute? Ah, that's right- seeing a cosplayer portray author George RR Martin as he kills each character on stage with a flick of his feather pen. Maybe cosplay really is like Games of Thrones- the only real winner is George RR Martin.

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