Maleficent Costume Guide and Makeup Tutorial

Maleficent Costume Guide Makeup Tutorial


Maleficent is one of the most iconic villains in the Disneyverse. Or, perhaps as the new movie starring Angeline Jolie suggests, she is just one of the least understood heroines. Regardless, her style has been the envy of Disney fans for generations. This guide will show you variations of her costume to wear this Halloween, all the accessories needed to complete the outfit, and a makeup tutorial to finish the look.



Maleficent Costumes

Maleficent's costume is generally a long flowing black gown with a high collar and is always accompanied by a horned headpiece. Below in our costume round up, we feature the most current Angelina Jolie variation, alongside a few other options. Angelina's on-screen Maleficent style stays true to the original Disney version, with a few fun alterations. Also displayed is the classic cartoon Maleficent costume, a sexy fashion-worthy version featuring a trendy high-low hemline, and one more variant of the storybook sorceress that incorporates feathers and colors into the design.


Maleficent Costumes- Classic and New

Maleficent Costume         Classic Maleficent Costume

Sexy Maleficent Costume


Maleficent Accessories

There are many accessories available to enhance your Maleficent costume DIY. Most of the Maleficent costumes come with a horned headpiece, but if you decide to piece your own costume together (or you just want the Angelina Jolie style horns!) you can get the headpiece separately. If you decide you want to portray Maleficent in her fairy likeness, a pair of dark angel wings is the perfect addition to your outfit! Other excellent additions include Maleficent's staff, a pet raven for your evil assistant, or a pair of green and yellow contact lenses to mystify all your subjects.


Maleficent Costume Accessories

Maleficent Horns Headpiece Dark Angel Wings

Maleficent Staff        Raven Prop


Maleficent Makeup Tutorial


This makeup tutorial will guide you through all the steps necessary for completing your Maleficent look for this Halloween. Here are the tools and products that you’ll need:

  • Eye shadow primer.
  • Eye shadow in beige, tan, and dark brown to get the stunning smoky-eyed look.
  • Taupe brown shadow for the accented cheekbones.
  • Black mascara and black liquid eyeliner.
  • Dark brown brow pencil.
  • Deep mulberry lip liner, dark red lipstick, and red lip gloss.
  • Eye shadow and blush brushes. 



Additional Resources and Supplies

Looking to go out this Halloween as a mother-daughter pair? Or perhaps with your own Prince Charming?

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