Day of the Dead Costume Ideas

The Day of the Dead ('Dia de Muertos' in Spanish) is the Mexican holiday celebrating loved ones who have passed on. Festivities take place on All Saint's Day and All Souls' Day throughout Latin America and other world cultures. These are the 2 days directly following All Hallow's Eve, the day we know better as- Halloween!


Dia de Muertos Costume


Updated: September 21, 2015


Instead of being a drab, morbid affair, the Day of the Dead is a true celebration known for incorporating bright colors, flowers, and superb artistic design in everything that is displayed. There is no better example than the beautiful skull motif which is found in the decorations, masks, trinkets, and makeup showcased during the celebration.

Día de los Muertos found a foothold in the Southwestern United States with Mexican and Latin American communities, and over the last decade has fused into popular culture. Day of the Dead costume ideas have become some of the most coveted and beloved Halloween costume choices. The costumes' use of color, elaborate makeup designs, and macabre theme make them a favorite among men and women alike!


Day of the Dead Group Costume Ideas

Día de los Muertos makes for a great group costume idea

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Day of the Dead Accessories

If you are planning on a Day of the Dead costume DIY, start with black clothing as as a base. You could even start with one of our Skeleton T-Shirts (womens or mens) to make your own Day of the Dead costume. Then add a dash of color (we recommend green, yellow, or red) using a sash, accent piece, or flowers pinned onto your outfit or into your hair. Finally, be sure to incorporate that skull motif with one of our exquisite sugar skull masks or a skull makeup kit.


Day of the Dead Mask Accessories

Day of the Dead Catrina Women's Mask - Shop Day of the Dead Catrina Men's Mask - Shop

Women's Day of the Dead Half Mask - Shop

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Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

If you are looking to take it to the next level with your costume, you can try our more elaborate Day of the Dead makeup tutorial. No worries though, we have broken down all the steps to make it a painless process. First assemble all the necessary makeup elements:

  • (2) Eyebrow pencils for creating the line work and webs across the face. Get one black one and one colored one (we went with red to match the gems we chose). 
  • Makeup brushes (be sure to include a finer brush for the detailed areas).
  • Colored powder eye shadow (we went with blue to contrast the red being used elsewhere).
  • Colored Gems (can be purchased at your local craft store).
  • White Cream base.
  • Spirit Gum adhesive (for attaching the gems).
  • Eyeliner and mascara (to really make your eyes pop).

Day of the Dead Makeup Products

White Base Makeup - Shop Spirit Gum Adhesive - Shop


You can customize your color arrangement based on personal preference and what compliments the outfit you have put together. Once all the pieces are assembled, let our makeup expert guide you through the application process in the video below:



If you really liked the look our makeup expert Chrissy created in the video, look below for the costume and accessories that were used. The Muerta Sugar Skull costume is a great design made by Leg Avenue costumes. The strapless dress comes with lace sleeves and a neckpiece. In order to have a headpiece worthy of this muerta style, we took a dark braided wig and added rose hair clips across the top in a wreath shape.


day of the dead costume wig

Muerta Sugar Skull Costume - Shop          Rose Hair Clip - Shop

Long Braided Wig - Shop


Men's Day of the Dead Costumes

Let’s not let the women have all the Day of the Dead fun! We also have a great selection of men’s Day of the Dead costumes. Check out the classic Day of the Dead costume, the more colorful option, or the unique Senor Bones set. If you’ve got your outfit ready and only need a mask, check out our Day of the Dead fabric mask and wig combo. This is a great option if you have sensitive skin or worry about an allergic reaction to face paint.


Day of the Dead Adult Collage

Men’s Day of the Dead Costume - Shop      Colorful Day of the Dead Costume - Shop

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Children's Day of the Dead Costumes

While the holiday is slightly macabre, kids can still dress up and take part in the Day of the Dead. We have a great selection of Day of the Dead children’s costumes, ranging from a fun and bright trimmed tailcoat option for boys, a similarly colorful dress costume for girls, and two different senorita costumes. Get the entire family involved and celebrate Hispanic heritage with these adorable Dia De Los Muertos child costumes.


Child Day of the Dead Costume Collage

Boy Day of the Dead Costume - Shop      Girl Day of the Dead Costume - Shop

Day of the Dead Senorita Costume 1 - Shop       Day of the Dead Senorita Costume 2 - Shop


Another great part of Day of the Dead costumes and makeup is the variety of ways to do it! Be sure to share your own Día de los Muertos costume pics with us. We would love to see what you do with this style: SHARE WITH US!

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