DIY Walking Dead Governor's Fish Tank

by |October 11, 2013
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One of the most iconic sets on The Walking Dead (heck, maybe all of TV!) is the Governor's secret chill pad... the one that has an entire wall composed of decomposed zombie heads in fish tanks. We loved this so much that we thought it would make for some absolutely creepy and actually pretty easy DIY Halloween decor! Not gonna lie, after we finished we had the urge to just sit back, relax, and watch the zombie fish tank for a couple hours...


Finished Look


Walking Dead Zombie Head Fishtank DIY


If you want to make your own, this is how we did it!

  • First, we got an empty 10 gallon fish tank. Many of you probably have one of these lying around stored away somewhere from when you once had that hampster (we know, tragic story, sorry to bring it up), but in case you don't have one they're not too expensive at your local big box store. Having a fish tank is kind of necessary when making DIY fish tank decor.
  • Then we took our prop zombie heads and placed them in the tank. After that, we just added water. The heads have to soak up a lot of the water before they stop floating, but we also put a lid on top so they couldn't bob up too far.
  • Next, we put in a tiny, TINY, bit of white acrylic paint to give the water that murky look. 
  • Last, we placed a black light underneath for the perfect eerie glow.

And Voila! You have some wicked Halloween decor that will be appreciated by Walking Dead fans, or really anyone with a keen eye for frightening props. We recommend placing it up at the bar at your party, or in the windows of your house, so all the neighbors can see what you're into these days.



Products Used


Governor's Fish Tank Needed 

Hooked Head PropShop           Decapitated CorpseShop           Decapitated Old ManShop

LED Black Outdoor Spotlight Shop           Bieber Fever WigShop


Yes, we really did use a Bieber Fever Wig. We liked the way it floated in the water!

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