Posh Peanut Costumes for the Perfect Pics

by |June 9, 2023

Posh Peanut Costumes

Do you want your baby to be a posh peanut this Halloween? You can pick up some of the cutest baby costumes from the minds of Posh Peanut and HalloweenCostumes.com! Were you hoping for a mommy and me costume that's adorable on both of you? We have that too! You'll surely snap some of the cutest Halloween baby photos in these aww-dorable infant costumes. Keep reading to see what Posh Peanut Halloween costumes we have to offer you and your little one at HalloweenCostumes.com.


Eleanor Unicorn Costume

Eleanor Unicorn Costumes

Toddler Unicorn CostumeBaby Unicorn Costume

Kids are already cute by themselves, but how much cuter would your little one be in this posh Peanut unicorn costume? This unicorn onesie has pink and gold accents and an attached flower crown and tutu accessory for extra adorableness. We also love how each of the costumes in this collection have darling names to match!


Archie Bear Costumes

Archie Bear Costumes

Toddler Bear CostumeBaby Bear Costume

What a dapper little dude! Bears and bow ties go together like milkshakes and whipped cream, and the little hat is the cherry on top. This onesie has attached foot covers to keep your child's toes nice and warm on a brisk fall day. Also, the hat comes attached to the hood so you don't need to worry about it falling off when snapping your photos! Your baby's Halloween is bound to be filled with adorable memories in this cute bear costume.


Odet Swan Costume

Odet Swan Costumes

Toddler Swan CostumeBaby Swan Costume

Who was your favorite non-Disney Princess? We find it hard to choose between tales like Anastasia and Thumbelina, and who could forget The Swan Princess? Dress your little princess up in this cute swan costume and you just might find yourself humming "Far Longer Than Forever". This adorable swan costume for babies and toddlers comes with a faux fur-feathered caplet with embroidered eye details and an attached crown for all your princess needs.


Leo Lion Costumes

Leo Lion Costumes

Baby Lion CostumeToddler Lion Costume

There are so many adorable lion costumes for babies and toddlers, but we think the overalls on this Leo lion costume give it extra cute points. However, you don't need to worry about trying to stuff a costumed baby into the overalls because they come fully attached, and with the booties sewn on as well! This lion jumpsuit is only two pieces with the onesie and a separate hood, making it incredibly easy for parents to put on. Your child will look adorable in no time!


Beatrice Bee Costumes

Beatrice Bee Costumes

Toddler Bee CostumeBaby Bee Costume

Are you looking for a cute baby bee costume without the fuss? These bee costumes for toddlers and infants come with a main bodysuit and a separate hood, and the wings actually Velcro to the back of the costume. (So there's no trying to wrangle arms through loops of elastic!) Also, should your child be done with wearing the wings for the night, they're easy enough to detach. Plus, the costume still reads well as a bee without them! Win-win!


Lana Leopard Costumes

Lana Leopard Costumes

Adult Leopard CostumeToddler Leopard CostumePlus Size LeopardBaby Leopard Costume

Get ready for some incredibly adorable mommy and me moments with these Posh Peanut leopard costumes! There are adult and plus sizes for women and baby and toddler sizes for your little ones. They all have matching teal bows and hood liners, although the adult costumes have regular ankle cuffs instead of footie bottoms. Make sure to take plenty of pictures because you'll want to share these with everyone!


More Posh Peanut Baby Costumes

Posh Peanut Baby Costumes

Leliani Flamingo CostumeOllie Elephant CostumeMary Lamb Costume

As if we could let the fun stop there! We have a few more Posh Peanut animal costumes for babies, including an adorable elephant, a lamb, and a flamingo. They all feature embroidered face details, and the cutest little baby booties on costumes. We also love the wonderfully soft, fluffy fabric featured on these costumes. What animals do you think would look great as Posh Peanut costumes?


We hope you enjoyed the most adorable roundup of infant Halloween costumes! What are your favorite baby costumes? Do you have fond memories of taking your little ones out for their first Halloween? We'd love to hear from our proud parents in the comments. You can browse the entire Posh Peanut Halloween costume collection here at HalloweenCostumes.com!

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Angela Poch

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