Candy Costume Ideas and Cupcake Costume Ideas for 2012

Looking for a costume that shows off your sweet tooth this Halloween? Try one of these candy-inspired costumes that are a treat on the eyes and the pocketbook!


CHild Candy Costumes

If you are looking for kids' candy costume ideas, check out these sweet costumes that are sure to make your little one sweeter than ever! Opt for something comfortable and warm that will keep your kid warm on All Hallow’s Eve. If your child loves chocolate treats, try out this super easy Tootsie Roll costume that just slips over your kid's clothes. If tootsie rolls aren’t you child’s style, opt for a giant cookie that will turn your child into their favorite after school snack!


kids candy costume ideas

 (Toddler Candy Costume | Child Tootsie Roll Costume | Toddler Cookie Costume | Baby Tootsie Roll Bunting | Kids M&M Wrapper Costume | Girl's Tootsie Roll Dress)


Women's Tank Dresses

If you want a quick and easy costume this Halloween that will still impress at a party or event, try a tunic dress. These dresses are comfortable and cute for you candy inspired Halloween needs.


The influx of M & M commercials around Halloween is sure to inspire your costume. If you want to rock one of these bold candy colored looks, try one of these M & M tunic dresses. Pick out your favorite color based on your personality and the personality of the M&Ms themselves. These dresses are also a great idea for a group themed Halloween!


(Orange M&M Costume | Green M&M Costume | Blue M&M Costume | Peanut M&M Costume)


Candy Wrapper Dresses

If you want to take a sugary sweet approach to your costume, try out a Sweet Tart, Skittles or Fun Dip tunic dress. Either of these is sure to show off your love of sugar and all things sweet, including you!


candy dress ideas

 (Sweet Tart Dress | Sexy Skittles Dress | Tootsie Roll Tank Dress | Sexy Fun Dip Dress)


Tootsie Roll Pop Dress

If lollipop’s are more your style, try one of these Tootsie Roll Pop tunic dresses. Screen-printed with the classic Tootsie Pop design, this dress is sure to make you nostalgic for the days of your youth. These costumes also give you the option of great group themed costumes!


tootsie pop dresses

 (Tootsie Roll Pop Pink Dress | Tootsie Roll Pop Blue Dress | Tootsie Roll Pop Red Dress)


Women’s Candy Costumes

If you are looking for a more elaborate women’s costume beyond the tunic dress, try out a candy inspired dress with matching accessories. If you want to be a sexy chocolate kiss this Halloween, pick up this Chocolate Smooch Costume with matching headband and blue gem details.


chocolate smooch costume

(Chocolate Smooch Costume)


Go all out candy this Halloween with this Candyland costume that includes matching hat, petticoat, and knee-highs. This costume is sure to add some sexy to your sweet. Add a munchkin kid lollipop to spice up your sex appeal.


candyland costume

 (Sexy Candyland Costume | Munchkin Lollipop)


Cupcake Costumes

Cupcakes are trendy this year for every occasion, and Halloween is the perfect time to test out this trend. If you have a little girl, all you need is a cute cupcake costume and you will have yourself an even cuter cupcake. If you want to have mom and daughter matching costumes, pick yourself up a matching cupcake costume for women.


Kid's Cupcake Costumes


kids cupcake costume ideas

 (Toddler Cupcake Cutie | Teen Cupcake Sweetie | Toddler Cupcake Costume | Cupcake Sweetheart Cupcake | Lil Miss Cupcake)


Women's Cupcake Costumes


womens cupcake costume ideas

 (Deluxe Cupcake Queen | Katy Perry Candy Gurl | Women's Cupcake Costume | Katy Perry California Gurl | Sugar and Spice Cupcake Costume | Babycake Cupcake Costume)


Candy Colored Wigs

If you are looking to spice up your costumes, whether a tunic dress or women’s costume, add a candy colored wig to match your dress. Try out of these fun and sexy wigs!


candy colored wigs

(Rainbow Rocker Wig | Short Lime Green Bob Wig | Pink Rapalicious Wig | Long Wavy Purple Wig | Pink Frenchie Wig | Candy Wig | Neon Blue Wig | Pink Bubble Gum Wig)


Men’s Candy Costumes

If you are looking for an easy candy inspired costume this Halloween, slip on a candy bar wrapper. If you wanted to do a couple’s costume, match your lady with a matching M&M, Fun Dip or Skittles costume.


mens candy costume ideas

(Skittles Wrapper Costume | Mens Fun Dip Costume | Adult Orange M&M Costume)


Gingerbread Man Warrior Costume

Can't decide between being cute, funny or scary this Halloween? This Gingerbread Warrior costume is both sweet, silly and terrifying all at once! Pair this with the women's Candyland costume for a cute couple's costume idea!


gingerbread warrior costume

(Gingerbread Man Warrior Costume)


Candy Man

If you are looking to be the king of candy this Halloween, try this deluxe candy man costume. This costume includes a hat, shirt, vest, pants and jacket. Plus, you can always add your own cane! If you really want to impress fellow partygoers and show off your candy making skills, pass out candy bars of all kinds.


willy wonka costume

(Deluxe Candy Man Costume | Brown Novelty Cane)


Any of these sweet costumes would be great for Halloween this year. Your sweet tooth is sure to thank you!


Allison Heard is a staff writer for with a serious sweet tooth.

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