Will Ferrell Costume Ideas

by |June 14, 2024
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Will Ferrell Costume Ideas

There are so many ways to come up with excellent Halloween costume ideas. Maybe you look on social media for the latest trends, or you turn to nostalgia for your favorite video games and movies. Still, others might pick a favorite celebrity and dress up like them! Will Ferrell fans are lucky because they have many great Halloween costume ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer his comedic roles in SNL or Will Ferrell movie costumes, we'll share our favorites. You might just find your next costume for Halloween!


1. Buddy the Elf Costume

Buddy the Elf Costume

Adult Buddy the Elf Costume

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Will Ferrell has played so many roles throughout the years, but Buddy the Elf is the one we keep returning to every Christmas. Now, a classic Christmas movie, it doesn't feel like Christmas for some without watching Elf annually. Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf, a human raised by elves. He travels to New York to meet his biological father and try redeeming him so he's not on Santa's naughty list. Buddy sticks out like a sore thumb in the Big Apple because of his overzealousness for Christmas, but he gives people the dose of Christmas cheer they need.


2. Blades of Glory Costume

Blades of Glory Costume

Adult Chazz Michael Michaels Costume

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Another iconic Will Ferrel role is Chazz Michael Michaels in Blades of Glory. The egotistical skater fights with his rival when they have to stand next to each other on the podium, which results in both of them being stripped of their medals and banned from competitive figure skating. Years later, he is unhappy in an unfulfilling job, but fate brings the two back together when they learn that a loophole would allow them to compete in pairs skating. It takes some convincing, but Chazz and Jimmy are determined to return to their former glory!


3. Mugatu Costume

Mugatu Costume

Adult Mugatu Costume

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Will Ferrell doesn't always play the hero role, as we see in Zoolander. Evil fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu needs a model who can be brainwashed to assassinate the new Prime Minister of Malaysia. The progressive-leaning leader could enact new policies that would ban cheap child labor, affecting the fashion industry. Mugatu is egotistical and ruthless while also being a fashion icon. This is one incredibly loud character that will get you noticed this Halloween.


4. Spartan Cheerleader Costume

Spartan Cheerleader Costume

Adult Spartan Cheerleader Costume

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Will Ferrell made a splash on the comedy scene as an actor on SNL starting in 1995. He did a number of impressions and original characters, one of which was Craig Buchanan, a cheerleader for the Spartans. Craig was a recurring character who would cheer with Cheri Oteri at various school events. The Spartans needed all the help they could get, so every skit ended in "the perfect cheer" in an attempt to boost their team to victory!


5. Ron Burgundy Costume

Ron Burgundy Costume

Adult Ron Burgundy Costume

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Anchorman is one of Will Ferrell's best films, so we can see why someone might want to wear a Ron Burgundy costume for Halloween. The over-the-top action news anchor becomes rivals with his female co-star, Veronica Corningstone, upset and jealous of her success. His rivalry reaches a breaking point, which results in him getting fired. (Although he does redeem himself!) Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy contains some of Will Ferrell's best one-liners, so remember them when wearing this Ron Burgundy costume!


6. More Cowbell Costume

More Cowbell Costume

Adult More Cowbell Costume

We've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Will Ferrell costumes! Another popular Will Ferrell SNL skit involves him as Gene Frenkle, a fictional cowbell player. While recording "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult, he gets a little overzealous with his cowbell playing. However, guest host Christopher Walken, as the music producer, keeps asking him for more. Don't blow this for us, Gene!


7. Chazz Reinhold Costume

Chazz Reinhold Costume

Adult Chazz Reinhold Costume

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The character Chazz Reinholt may be a cameo for Will Ferrell, but it's one of his most beloved cameo appearances! Throughout Wedding Crashers, Chass is constantly name-dropped as he's Jeremy's wedding crasher mentor. However, upon visiting him at the end of the movie, it's clear that he's a loser who still lives with his mom and has taken to crashing funerals to pick up vulnerable women. You only need a red smoking jacket and perhaps a pair of nunchucks to complete this Chazz Reinholt costume.


8. Mustafa Costume

Mustafa Costume

Fez HatGray Suit

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Do you appreciate costumes you can mostly pull out of your closet with an accessory or two? Will Ferrel has several suit costumes, such as his SNL role as George Bush or the Mattell CEO in the Barbie movie. Mustafa from Austin Powers is another one of these suit costume ideas that only needs the addition of a red fez hat. He serves as one of Dr. Evil's henchmen, apparently as his weapons designer. Mustafa is comically as hard to kill as a cockroach and emotionally compelled to answer questions if asked the same question three times in a row.


Hopefully, you're feeling extra inspired to wear a Will Ferrell costume for Halloween. Maybe you could even turn it into a silly group costume with all the Wills! What is your favorite Will Ferrell movie? Is there a Will Ferrell costume idea that you'd like to see from us? You're welcome to share your ideas with us in the comments. If you're looking for other celebrity movie costumes, don't hesitate to check out our other movie and TV costumes for your favorite actors.

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