Trunk or Treat Ideas for Halloween Fun!

by |September 14, 2018
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Trunk or Treat Ideas

Halloween is a fun time for children. Getting to dress up as your favorite animal or cartoon character and venturing out trick-or-treating for candy is always something special to look forward to. However, for various reasons, sometimes trick-or-treating isn’t a viable option. Luckily, trunk-or-treating has become a prominent alternative!

Trunk-or-treat is an organized event that typically takes place in parking lots where people set up stations out of the trunks of their cars for kids in the community to trick-or-treat. Usually, the stations include a special theme or a game to add to the Halloween fun. It’s a great one-stop opportunity for parents to bring their little ones so they can enjoy the holiday and make it home for a reasonable bedtime (after all, Halloween occurs on a school night more often than not). Most communities seek volunteers for their trunk-or-treating events, so if you’re interested in creating a unique treat trunk out of your vehicle, here are some fun options to try.

Spooky Decorations

Spooky Trunk or Treat Decorations

Left to right: Witch Costume, Life-Sized Skeleton Prop, Tombstone Props, Smoking Cauldron Prop, Bag of Spider Webs

A tried and true classic. Any Halloween event is incomplete without a few scares. Maybe dress up as witches and fill a cauldron with candy. We bet your trunk would look nice decked out with skeletons or having candy hidden under tombstones! Add even more to the spooky atmosphere with some fog or spider webs.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Trunk or Treat

Left to right: Gryffindor Robes, Hogwarts Sorting Hat, Harry Potter Wand, Hufflepuff Banner, Golden Snitch, Dumbledore Costume

Harry Potter is a perfect theme for all ages. Get a sorting hat prop to sort the kids into a Hogwarts house of their own. Whether you’re a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin be sure to dress in your house’s robes and have a banner hanging in your trunk. You could also use a Golden Snitch for an abbreviated version of Quidditch for them to try their hand at.

Star Wars

Star Wars Trunk or Treat

Left to right: Jedi Robe, Star Wars Lightsaber, BB-8 Backpack, Porg Plush, Chewbacca Costume

Train your trick-or-treaters in the ways of the Jedi. Will they choose the light or the dark side? Another great idea is to turn your trunk into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. You can dress as Chewbacca and include some adorable Porg co-pilots and a BB-8 backpack filled with candy to pass out! Now that’s definitely the droid they’re looking for.


Trunk or Treat Superhero Decorations

Left to right: Superman Cape, Black Panther Claws, Captain America Shield, Batman Batarangs, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, Thor Mjolnir Hammer, Avengers Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

What better way for kids to earn candy than by saving the day and visiting your superhero-themed trunk-or-treat display! If you want an Avengers theme, try handing out colored candy to resemble the infinity stones and get a prop gauntlet for them to try on. You could create fun challenges like trying to pick up Thor’s hammer or matching the heroes’ weapons to photos of their secret identities. There are so many ways to have a super fun time!


Trunk or treat princess theme

Left to right: Fairy Godmother Costume, Fairy Wand, Unicorn Prop, Pink Crown, Gold Crown, Silver Tiara, Glass Slippers

Some princess decor for your trunk can create the perfect fairytale theme. Ask kids trivia questions to test their knowledge of classic princess stories. Gather a selection of crowns to let them wear while you pass out candy to them. It’ll sure make them feel like royalty. You can even dress up as a fairy godmother to make their Halloween wishes come true (in the form of candy!).

We hope we’ve provided enough inspiration for some fun trunk-or-treat ideas to try. Do you have any other suggestions? Have you participated in trunk-or-treat before? Share your ideas with us. If it involves Halloween events and creativity, we can’t get enough! If you’re looking to decorate your trunk for this year, you can check out our full selection of accessories and decorations for plenty more inspiration. Most importantly, have a safe and fun Halloween!

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