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Robert Browne Robert is an SEO Specialist for  When he's not scouring the web for the latest information and trending data, he's usually out on some type of adventure.  An avid gamer since the days of Atari, he has an affinity for retro gaming, but is ecstatic about the continuing evolution of video game culture.  As a critic who seeks to challenge traditional paradigms and power structures, stemming from an obsession with Ancient Greeks, Romans, and other dead know-it-alls, Robert seeks to better the world through philosophy, rhetoric...and wearing costumes.

4 Group Costume Ideas for 2014

by |October 27, 2014
Categories: Costume Guides

Fun Couples Costumes


4 Fun Group Costume Ideas for 2014

Individual costumes are fun, couples costumes are fun, but Halloween is a social holiday so group costumes might just be the MOST fun of all! They can sometimes prove to be harder to coordinate since everoneeee must agree on one theme, but there are basically an infinite number of sources to draw inspiration from, so we're confident you'll find something that pleases the lot of you. If you're not sure where to start, here are four eye-catching group...

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DIY Game of Thrones: The Hound Costume

The Hound Costume DIY

Sandor Clegane is one of the most interesting characters from the Game of Thrones universe. The more you’re exposed to The Hound’s story, the more you start sympathizing with him. He’s a tortured soul living in a world of lies, brutality, and hypocracy. He’s a brutal killer, but there’s more to this character than meets the eye and that is precisely why we love him. Well that, and he has a very memorable "look" that's makes him the perfect inspiration for a DIY...

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DIY Destiny: Awoken Hunter Costume

by |October 1, 2014

Destiny Awoken Hunter Costume


UPDATED: October 1, 2015


Destiny, one of the most anticipated video game releases of the year, just launched on September 9th. This ambitious game is the best-selling new IP of all time. The levels are beautiful - don’t even get us started on those sky boxes! The distinct classes and the abundance of customizable gear add substance to the gorgeous worlds created by Bungie. The playable races in the game add a nice element as well, and none are so eerily haunting and...

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Sin City: Grayscale Makeup Tutorial

by |August 21, 2014

"Sin City is where you go in with your eyes open, or you don't come out at all." - Johnny

Sin City Grayscale Makeup Tutorial


Are you ready to take a trip back to the old days, the all-or-nothing days? Just like Marv said in Sin City, they’re back! We haven’t stepped foot in Sin City since the first movie released back in 2005, but we’re itching to go back this Friday when Sin City: A Dame to Kill For hits theaters.

Sin City’s style is unmatched when it comes to the use of greyscale. It’s...

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Halfway to Halloween - Trending Costume Ideas for 2014

by |May 1, 2014
Categories: Humor

Halfway to Halloween Costume Ideas

It's here! We've reached halfway to Halloween! For those who don't think that's a big deal, we hope you realize that some devoted Halloween fans have already been furiously plotting their costumes for Halloween 2014. (If you’re anything like us, this manic process starts promptly on November 1st!) In any case, the halfway mark serves as a reminder to start thinking of costume ideas for Halloween 2014 - you only have 6 months left! Often the most stand-out costumes are parodies of...

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6 Minimalist Posters Inspired by Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Printables]

by |March 25, 2014

Minimalist Posters for Captain America Winter Soldier Movie


Ahh! The US flag. Old Glory. The stars and the stripes. Whatever the nomenclature, the red, white, and blue has become an unwavering symbol for liberty, freedom, and smashing stuff with a vibranium shield! Captain America embodies only the best the US of A has to offer. Cap is smart, a born leader, and is in peak physical condition (not to mention that impressive jaw line) thanks to the super-soldier serum. The man liberally doles out justice with a shield, was turned into an ice cube and didn’t die, and saves the world on a regular basis...what’s not to love about him?


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