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100th Day of School Costumes

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The school year can seem like a lifetime! By the time the 100th day of school rolls around, your child might feel like they've aged 100 years. That's exactly what our 100th day of school costumes are all about! With plenty of old people themed costumes, your child can look like someone who is 100 years old for that big day of school! You can even find some cool accessories to help kickstart your 100th day of school costume ideas!
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Kids Old Man Costume
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Girls Old Auntie Costume
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Toddler's Old Man Costume
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Child Grandpa Costume
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Child Grandpa Costume

Kids Grandpa Costume
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Kids Grandpa Costume

Walking Cane Accessory
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Walking Cane Accessory

Boys Old Man Costume Kit
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Every kid has a different relationship with school. Some kids can't wait for each day of school to come... but most kids? Well, they have another take on school! They might enjoy it, but it's also hard work and just the thought of going to school seems to age them a bit. After all of those tough assignments and all of the studying for tests, the almost start looking just a bit older. In fact, by the 100th day of school, some of those kids might even feel like they're ready for an early retirement from their scholastic journey! Well, any child who goes to school, whether they love it or they have to push themselves to go each day, can celebrate their quest through the school year with a brand new way to commemorate the 100th day. They can celebrate with one of our many 100th day of school costumes!

So, what does dressing up for this glorious day mean? Well, most 100th day of school costume ideas come in the form of dressing up like an elderly person. After all, sometimes the school year can seem a bit like a lifetime to a kid just trying to turn their assignments on time! They can accrue a near lifetime of achievements, so dressing up in one of our old people inspired costumes can be a funny way to showcase their "wisdom beyond years" at this point in the school year. That's the most popular way to dress your child up for this momentous time of the year!

We carry plenty of 100th day of school costumes for both boys and girls, including our kid's old man styles and our girl's grandma costumes. We carry sizes for most students in elementary school, so that means from kindergarten to 6th grade, your child should be able to find a great look to get your child ready for the 100th day of school. We also carry some really great accessories to pair up with your child's outfit, which includes some canes, fake walkers, and more. Just pick and chose your costume and outfit to fit your little one's own personal sense of scholastic style!

If your child is excited for the 100th day of school, or if they just love having a reason to dress up in costume at school, then one of our 100th day of school costumes might be just what your child needs! With all of our different styles and sizes, your child will be able to find a style that they're excited to wear to class.