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Wild Cat Costumes

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Let's go, Wild Cats! From school mascot to sassy big cat Halloween costume, lions, tigers, and spotted leopards can't be beaten! So, gear up for a roaring good time in the purrfect big cat costume from our selection. Because with everything from cozy jumpsuits to flirty skirts and cat ears, we know there's a wild cat Halloween costume waiting for you here!
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There are lots of incredible Halloween costume ideas in the world. But there are few as versatile as the wild cat costume. It comes in a variety of shapes and patterns. Whether you choose a frilly tiger-striped dress or fluffy bodysuit, it will get a roar of approval from both adults and children. Best of all, however, might be how easily the stripes, spots, or tawny coats can be incorporated into group costumes that span everything from cute to harrowing. And our selection promises to help make those big cat dreams come true!

Not sure what you need for a big cat circus act costume? Maybe you want to get a little wild and put a spin on the typical sexy tiger costume. Or perhaps you've always imagined dressing your kiddo as a too-cute-for-words wild cat but can't decide which is best now that your chance has arrived. Well, you're still in the right place! The following guide is here to help you pick the purrfect costume for your group look, couple's costume, baby's first trick-or-treat, and even for a sleek feline fantasy outfit that'll have you ready to prowl the Halloween party circuit!

We'll start simple. In our selection of wild cat Halloween costumes, you'll find classic tiger stripes, rare snow leopard spots, and the luxurious manes of those good ol' lion kings and queens. All you need to do is pick with style, and animal print fits your costume idea. A curve-hugging catsuit is an empowering and sassy choice for adults. Our looser-fit jumpsuits come in a range of sizes that make them great for adults looking to lounge while handing out candy, squirmy toddlers that need to be dressed quickly before trick-or-treating, and kiddos looking to stay cozy while munching on their Halloween haul. Of course, we can't forget the animal print dresses with their playful tulle skirts and complementary cat ears. The seemingly ageless look never goes out of style!

Still not certain which option to pick? Never fear! Let's go on a bit of a safari to explore some of our favorite wild cat costume pairings!

If you're looking for something flashy, a circus theme will never disappoint! Grab a ringmaster costume and a lion accessory kit for an easy lion-tamer couple's costume. Or get the kiddos dressed as a white tiger and Siberian tiger for a Siegfried and Roy look that can be accessorized with our available costume suits.

Get a little wacky and put the sensation of Tiger King to work for your Halloween look. All that spectacular ensemble needs is a tiger costume and one or both of a hippie costume and tiger trainer uniform.

Indulge in the total charm that is babies dressed as animals when you grab an infant tiger costume for your little one's first birthday photoshoot. Or set playtime free with easy-to-wear big cat costumes that lets your wild child turn every game into a trip to the zoo!

With our selection and this costume guide, we're confident you'll find the right wild cat costume for you and yours!