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It's that time of year again—420 Costumes! Before you get red-eyed and demand greasy fries, grab your Weed Costume and get ready to take a trip with us (no, not that kind). We know you could be many places, like at the gas station getting munchies or in your buddies' basement, so thank you for taking to time to check out our Bag of Weed—Costumes (what we're you thinking?). Seriously though, celebrate this year right with a Weed Halloween Costume.
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Bluntman Adult Plus Size Costume 1
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Plus Size Nurse MJ Costume
Sale - 35%
Blunt Master Costume
Women's Nurse MJ
Sale - 38%
Women's Plus Size Baked Chef
Sale - 10%
Women's Baked Chef
Sale - 17%
Women's Plus Size Special Brownie Scout
Sale - 12%
Womens Leafy Super Women
Sale - 25%
Chong Costume Kit
Green Keaf Print Opaque tights
Sale - 20%
Cheech Costume
Out of Stock
The Big Smoke Joint
Out of Stock

If you have a green thumb and want to pay tribute to the smoking legends that came before, first, you have to pick up a Marijuana Costume. Umm, there was a second thing, but we can't remember. Anyway, there are a ton of pot-smoking icons, but the legends we have a particular affinity for are the hilarious stoner duo of Cheech and Chong. Who can forget the crazy antics these up in smoke joint jockeys got into throughout their classic movie careers? Need a reminder of the apparel these East LA-ers rocked back in '87? It's cool, man; we have kits for both of these characters, so you can quickly put the costume together yourself without racking your brain. Feeling kind of lazy and don't feel like getting up to put the outfit together? It is all good. We have some ready-made Cannabis Costumes that are sure to blow your mind, that is–when you get to them.

If you did the celebrity thing last Halloween, already wore your hippie costume to the ground on the one before last, or are tired of the traditional Pot Head Costumes, we have a few looks that will help you switch things up. We have a Bag of Weed Costume, if you are looking for a good chuckle. It's a literal bag of weed. We even have other costumes that are bud leaves. No, seriously, we do. They are as detailed as they are hilarious. You can even show your friends that you are the rolling king by rocking your very own Blunt Master Costume. Whichever you decide, make sure you pick up a Weed Costume and fill this life's chapter of yours full of laughter.

When it comes to 420 Costumes, we have a whole harvest's worth for you to choose from. And there is no need to worry; no hemp was hurt in the making of these costumes. You want to be a Weed Chef or a Special Brownie Scout? Edibles are all the rage, right? No, we are seriously asking. We wouldn't know—we play anime games and watch horror films for fun. Either way, once the smoke clears a bit, check out some of our occupation-themed Marijuana Costumes. We even have a few Weed Superhero Costumes if that is more your speed. No matter how you decide to have fun this 420 (or any other day, for that matter), make sure you stay safe, drink lots of water, watch out for your friends and pick up our Weed Halloween Costumes. Monster