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Becoming the bad guy is always more fun than becoming the good guy. (Sorry, not sorry Spiderman!) Transform into the web-slinger's arch-nemesis by suiting up in a Venom costume. Many of our officially licensed Venom costumes feature either full-masks with slobbering tongues or bodysuits with rippling muscles. We even have a sleek Venom costume for women!
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Child Deluxe Agent Venom Costume

Kid's Deluxe Agent Venom Costume

Mens Venom Suit T-Shirt -Update
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Adult Black Superhero Boots
Mens Venom Icon Hoodie
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Marvel Deluxe Venom Boys Costume
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Marvel Deluxe Venom Boy's Costume

Marvel Venom Adult Latex Half Mask
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If you picture yourself as a webslinger, but prefer black to the red and blue, a Venom Costume might be right for you! You're also going to want to have a nasty streak, and if you're a creepy alien symbiote, all the better. You will be prepared to be one of the great Marvel villains!

The symbiote first appeared in 1984 and attempted to bond with Peter Parker, who was fortunately able to stop it before it took him over. It soon took Eddie Brock as a host and together they became the villain Venom. Over the years the villain changes hosts, but remained an adversary for Spider-Man. If you're ready to be a bad guy for a change one of our costumes will be perfect for you!