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Becoming the bad guy is always more fun than becoming the good guy. (Sorry, not sorry Spiderman!) Transform into the web-slinger's arch-nemesis by suiting up in a Venom costume. Many of our officially licensed Venom costumes feature either full-masks with slobbering tongues or bodysuits with rippling muscles. We even have a sleek Venom costume for women!
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If you picture yourself as a webslinger, but prefer black to the red and blue, a Venom Costume might be right for you! You're also going to want to have a nasty streak, and if you're a creepy alien symbiote, all the better. You will be prepared to be one of the great Marvel villains!

The symbiote first appeared in 1984 and attempted to bond with Peter Parker, who was fortunately able to stop it before it took him over. It soon took Eddie Brock as a host and together they became the villain Venom. Over the years the villain changes hosts, but remained an adversary for Spider-Man. If you're ready to be a bad guy for a change one of our costumes will be perfect for you! How To

Venom Halloween Costumes

Everyone has a strong opinion when it comes to Spider-Man villains. For some, it's all about the Green Goblin. After all, he's one of the longest-running villains in Marvel comics, and he even managed to send Gwen Stacy to her doom in one iteration of the comics. That really struck a chord with fans in the early days of Spider-Man. Others love Doctor Octopus, since he matches Spider-Man in intelligence and scientific know-how. Others really enjoy the crafty nature of the Lizard, because he really speaks to that child-like love of dinosaurs we all have deep down inside! They're both really great villains, but we just don't think that anything can top Venom!

The Symbiote costume first appeared back in 1984. (The 80s were a crazy time for more than just Spidey comics, right?) It was a simple, unassuming suit worn by Peter Parker that he donned during the Secret Wars story arc. Soon, it would become painfully obvious that it wasn't just a new costume. It was an alien creature that fueled some of Parker's darker thoughts and tendencies. He finally shed the Symbiote, and it bonded with Eddie Brock. That's when Venom as we know him was born...and the Venom costume proved to be a huge improvement on the Symbiote style that Parker wore. Throughout the comics and movies, he's gone from villain to anti-hero to comedic street avenger in media. (Sort of like Deadpool!) If you're looking to embody the iconic Marvel character, then you'll want to check out this handy guide to Venom Halloween costumes. We have many great options and you'll get to see what makes each of these choices unique. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs!

Venom Costumes for Kids

Venom is rude, crude, has a totally rad black suit. He also has a penchant for biting bad guys. And there's just something about those qualities that resonate with some kids! Maybe it's the fact that Venom just seems to do whatever he pleases! That's also probably why some kids choose to transform into Venom rather than into the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He can play the hero while still being a little devious now and again! If your child wants to become a superhero with a bit of edge, just check out some of these Venom costumes for kids. They all do a great job of letting your child indulge in their venomous tendencies!

Boy's Venom Costume

Boys Venom Costume

Let's start with something classic. Back in The Amazing Spider-Man #300, the Symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock. They shared a common dislike for Peter Parker, so they quickly became friends. That iteration of the character formed the base of all other Venom costumes! Some of our boy's Venom costumes include details from when the two initially fused together as Venom. The slick black exterior creates an effect of thick, black goo, just like Venom's real suit. Of course, your child won't get any shapeshifting powers when they wear it, but they might feel like going a few rounds with the wall-crawler himself!

Agent Venom Costume

Agent Venom Costume

Eddie Brock hasn't been the only person to bond with the Symbiote. In the series Agent Venom, Flash Thompson, a skilled military operative, bonds with it to become the anti-hero. Flash is worlds different from Eddie when it comes to personality and temperament. That leads the suit to take on a brand new shape in the form of the Agent Venom costume. This costume combines the classic suit with some new, sleek features that give it a militaristic appearance. If your child wants to be less monster and more superhero, then this is the best choice for them. Flash is known for combining his Venom superpowers with plenty of weapons, so you can always customize the look of this costume with our toy weapons.

Venom Costumes for Adults

It seems like every kid between the age of 2 to 12 goes through a Spider-Man phase. It's a known phenomenon. Fewer people talk about the Venom phase that some Spidey fans go through. He has all of Peter Parker's powers, except he can sneak past the spider-sense and he has some additional shapeshifting abilities. He's kind of like the bad boy version of the character, so it's no surprise that some people switch to team Venom when they hit those teenage years! Heck, even some adults hang out in that Venom phase. We're still in our Venom phase to this day! (We're still looking for a symbiote to bond with, but it hasn't happened for us just yet.) If you've secretly been wishing that you could bond with the Venom symbiote and you're still going through your Venom phase yourself, then these Venom costumes for adults are definitely for you.

Realistic Venom Costume

Realistic Venom Costume

Tom Hardy's version of the character brought a sense of realism to the Venom movies that we weren't quite ready for! Of course, there were also plenty of wacky moments and some villain-eating madness. It might not follow the comic lore perfectly, but we're down with it! If you're looking for something with more of a big-screen feel to it, then you'll want one of our realistic Venom costumes. They might not exactly be from the movies, but they will help you feel just a bit more symbiotic when you dress up as him.

Venom Spider-Man Costume

Venom Spiderman Costume

During the long history of Venom, he's had a lot of different looks. Some comics depict him as being particularly gooey, choosing to lean heavily into his symbiotic side. Other versions of the costume really try to hit on some classic Spider-Man notes. That's why we carry some Venom Spider-Man costumes that combine the best of both worlds. Costumes like this are for anyone who wants to portray a slightly less gruesome version of the iconic comic book villain.

Marvel Venom T-Shirt

Marvel Venom T-Shirt

We get it. Sometimes, a full costume can be exhausting. You might want to do the full Venom experience, but you may also just feel like wearing a comfy t-shirt and calling it good. The great news with a lot of our costume apparel options is that you can easily get the best of both worlds. A Marvel Venom T-Shirt is a quick and easy way to transform into the villain without having to wear a full spandex bodysuit! The best part about it is that you can customize as you like, adding an extra mask or tossing on some gloves to really complement the shirt.

Venom Mask

Venom Mask

Another quick and easy way to become your favorite Marvel bad boy is by using some of our easy accessories to get the job done. Masks are the obvious choice, since most superheroes wear them and Venom is no exception! We even have some highly realistic Venom masks, complete with a gruesome set of chompers and a molded tongue. It's a great way to get into character without slipping into a full costume. Monster