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What’s a vampire without fangs? An eclectic count or gaudy queen? That high collared cape and ruby necklace sealed that status centuries ago. Ensure your vampire costume doesn’t suffer a dismal fate by shopping our selection of vampire teeth! From classic Halloween vampire teeth to retractable fangs that add appropriate drama to your ensemble, we’ve got some of the best fake vampire teeth options for you and yours!
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Vampire Fangs

Vampire Fangs

Small Vampire Fangs
Glow in the Dark Vampire Teeth
Made By Us Exclusive
Vampire Teeth
Sale - 40% Made By Us
White Vampire Fangs
Clearance  - 50%
Kids Glow in the Dark Vampire Teeth
Made By Us Exclusive
Vampire Blood Teeth Kit
Sale - 17%
Chrome Vampire Fangs
Sale - 33%

Some classic costumes simply can’t happen without the proper accessories. Count Dracula, Nosferatu, and even the Count have vampire fangs. So, while your black cape and amulet are sure to impress at Halloween parties, our selection of vampire teeth is here to give your costume proper chops!

As Halloween costume experts, we know just any old pair of fangs won’t necessarily work for your look. Luckily, you’re here reading our quick guide to picking the perfect pearly white canines. And whether you’re going low-effort or movie magic with your vampire ensemble, we’ve got some ideas on which pair of simple or retractable vampire fangs you should choose!

Some vampire lore forbids the existence of vampire children. But forbidden or encouraged, kids love becoming children of the night for Halloween. So, let’s start there!

How would you go about picking vampire fangs for kids? You might think about size, ease of use, and how likely they will lose the accessory. All crucial questions to ask! And we’ve got an option to address each. Little mouths may not have room for those plastic dollar store chompers. In which case, we have separate canines that go right over your kiddo’s own and leave their mouths free to chatter away. Worried about getting your kid to sit long enough for application? You’ll find “snap-on” options that easily replace any fangs that require Stay-Put compound. And if you hate the idea of your tot losing track of a more costly accessory, our classic plastic teeth inserts have you covered at a low-low price!

Now, what about you? Going kitsch with your vampire costume? Well, those same plastic veneers the kids are rocking would make a great addition to your ensemble! Lean in on the simple charm by adding a good amount of gel to your hair for a slick look and all the fun, inexpensive accessories our full vampire selection offers!

So, what if you’re going super elaborate with your look? Of course, we have you taken care of there too! Don’t just show up with stationary fangs. Shock fellow Halloween revelers with vampire fangs that retract!

Prefer your fangs to hang still? Choose your size and preferred price-point, and you’ll find a few options at your disposal. Maybe you want those secured teeth to look a bit more interesting. Try blood tips pairs for a traditional feel, or see if our chrome fangs would boost your vampire’s allure!

Didn’t find what you were hoping to? Like a vampire’s, our hunt is eternal. Only, we’re searching for the next hot costume and accessory to fit our customers' needs! Check back to discover what new fabulous or fancy-free fangs we’ve added to the shop. We’ll get you feeling frighteningly fierce for your Halloween celebration! Monster