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Sulley Halloween Costumes

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Join the ranks of Monsters University or reach for that Top Scarer position at Monsters Inc when you dress up as Sulley. Try out an Inflatable look if you want the true cartoonish appeal or get your scare on with genuine plush claws and the adorable hood. Team up with Mike and Boo to bring life to James P. Sullivan this Halloween!
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Monsters Inc Sulley Plus Size Costume
Adult Sulley Costume
Kid's Hooded Monsters Inc Sulley Costume
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Plus Size Hooded Monsters Inc Sulley Costume-2
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Infant Hooded Monsters Inc Sulley Costume-1
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Toddler Hooded Monsters Inc Sulley Costume-1
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Sully Pajama Costume
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Sulley Union Suit for Adults
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It seems that the world is in a vast energy crisis. Folks all over the city of Monstropolis need your help to ensure that they've got refrigerated drinks and can power their snazzy light decorations for the Monsterball game. Do you have what it takes to help solve these critical problems and save the Monsters world!? 

Well, we suspect that you might be the hero that we've been looking for. Let's double-check the details. Do you have the natural talent to give humans a serious startle? Deep down, are you a humble and heroic kind of monster? Do you stand somewhere around 7-foot tall and have the appearance of a blend between the prehistoric giant sloth, the abominable snowman, and a delicious birthday cake? No? Well, fear not. We're here to make your Monsters Inc dreams come true when you dress up in one of our Sulley Monsters Inc. costumes! 

Here are a few things that you'll want to know when you climb into an Inflatable Sulley costume or try your paws at a plushy James P. Sullivan costume. Sulley is known for being the Top Scarer at Monsters Inc, but he didn't start that way! When he was at Monsters U, he was pretty lazy, if we have to be honest! No time for studying, he figured that a rugged roar and a fuzzy stance would be plenty. Fortunately, he teamed up with Mike and learned the ways. He worked hard through the mailroom, up into janitorial work, and finally earned his way to becoming a real Scarer. 

Why? Well, it turns out that the frightened screams of a kiddo could offer up a whole bunch of energy for Monstropolis. Of course, Sulley's gentle heart helped him realize that making a tyke chuckle was even better... and isn't that the real heart of Halloween? 

Bring some smiles to your spooky season with an adult Sulley costume and team up with your little Boo. Or let them bring their inner monster out with a Sulley costume for kids. The blue and purple polka-dotted monster with a heart of gold is sure to bring the fun to keep your whole monster family smiling all year 'round. Monster