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Scary Halloween Decorations

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Boo! Did we scare you? You clearly came here looking for a fright. Or are you hoping to cause more than receive? Either way, you're in the right place! Our scary Halloween décor has everything you need to make passersby and party guests jump clean out of their skin! Shop window clings that make a scene and animatronics that look fresh from a horror film. Or let the creepy Halloween decorations inspire all-new Halloween decorating ideas!
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Distressed Doll Succulent
Haunted Girl Doll-2
Animated Rocking Horse with Doll upd-1
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Light Up Doll Head Garland
Chucky Bust Ornament
Bride of Chucky Tiffany Bust Ornament
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Saw Billy Puppet Prop
24 Baby Head Spider
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Animated Ring Around the Rosie2
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Animated See Saw Dolls Playground Prop1
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Animated Swinging Decrepit Doll-0
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Possessed Doll Prop
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Bag of Doll Parts
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Seed of Chucky Glen Doll
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Life Size Bride of Chucky 1:1 Replica Doll
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Saw Billy on Trike Decoration
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You didn't stumble across this page by mistake. You've wanted scary decorations for Halloween since the idea of transforming your cozy cottage into a haunted house first came to mind. Or was it the horror film you watched? A graveyard you passed one October long ago? Maybe the ancient doll in your grandma's living room inspired your hunt. Whatever drove you here, our scary Halloween props and decorations are sure to please!

You will love our scary indoor Halloween decorations if you're updating your interior design for a Halloween party. But suppose you'd like to keep your home comfortable and warm with a happily glowing jack-o-lantern candle holder. In that case, you'll want to look at the following scary outdoor Halloween decoration ideas!

Get the spooky vibes started with the front lawn! Our selection of creepy Halloween décor can turn any patch of grass or even tiny doorsteps into a chilling scene! Grab animatronic zombies to crawl out of faux graves. Paired with fog machines, spider webs, and maybe a reaper, you've got yourself a haunted cemetery that'll stick in every memory.

Not working with lots of space? Try scary hanging décor that lets you stack the fear factor. A dangling spider cocoon is sure to have an impact, whether displayed solo in a small space or accompanied by a forest of creepy crawlies. No yard or porch? Decorate the windows with something spooky! Faux wood boards turn any home into an abandoned hovel. And a doorbell with a blinking eye or door knocker shaped like a skull saves even more space without sacrificing any fun!

Ready to leave the towering terror that is your inflatable Halloween archway outside to do its job in peace? Want to carry its frightening demeanor inside? We've got you covered!

Explore more of our animatronic options for ghouls that'd love nothing more than to lurk in the shadows of your hallways and spare rooms. Convert the attic into a haunted house or basement into a dungeon with other animated frights. Or move away from the life-like creeps and check out our scary wall décor, table decorations, and just about anything you can imagine!

From spider web-covered candelabras to covers that make bedroom doors look like the entrance to an abandoned asylum, our selection of scary Halloween decorations has something for everyone! Need to punch up the spine-chilling effect of your display just a little? Try classics like fake spiders and faux tombstones. Want to terrify every neighbor? Welcome, Funzo the Clown, home! No idea is too big or decoration too small in this haunting collection of Halloween décor!