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Halloween Rodents and Insect Props

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Mini Skeleton Rat Update
Black 20 inch Poseable Spider
Sale - 13%
Floating Dropping Spider
11" Rabid Rabbit
Bunny Bonez Skeleton Décor
Coming Soon
Mini Skeleton Scorpion
Coming Soon
Halloween Spider Lightshow Projection
Sold Out
12 pc Spider Set New
Sold Out
Animated Brown Jumping Spider Main UPD
Sold Out
Rabid 12" Squirrel
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Want to fake an infestation of bugs, spiders or rats for your next scary event? Our collection of Halloween rodents and insects includes all of the creepy crawlies you'll need to gross people out and are affordable enough to allow you to get as many yucky little rats, spiders, bugs and snakes as it takes to have your guests shrieking in disgust!