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Raccoon Costumes

We'd like to take this opportunity to suggest that you DO NOT tip over trash cans or cross busy intersections while wearing one of our many raccoon costumes. That being said, while wearing one of our raccoon costumes, you may feel the intense desire to tip over trash cans in the neighborhood. You'll also probably feel like romping across busy highways in the middle of the night, while cars whiz by at unsafe speeds. Doing these types of things isn't conducive to your health and most raccoons who try this sort of behavior end up paying the price.

Whether or not you take our advice on the naughty behavior front, you definitely should take our advice when it comes to raccoon costumes. If you're a man, woman or child, we've got a furry costume just waiting for you. You can even find a sexy look if you're really into being a naughty raccoon this year. We even have some hats in case you just want to look like a raccoon, but just in the head region. Whichever one you choose, you're certain to be ready to do whatever it is raccoons (aside from knocking trash cans over).