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Looking to gear up in something bright, snazzy, but with buckets of attitude? These Pink Ladies costumes from Grease are the ones that you want! Live out your favorite Grease moments when you join up with Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy, and the rest in our collection of officially licensed Grease Pink Ladies jackets. In fact, get a collection and you can all go together in a group Grease costume. (There are worse things you could do!)
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Toddler Grease Pink Ladies Jacket
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Grease Pink Ladies Infant Costume
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Grease Pink Ladies Costume Jacket
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For many folks, Grease was a life-changing movie. We got to see a glorious musical take place while bringing us all back to the kind of high school that we wish we'd been at! Classes that only mattered half the time and epic musical numbers every hour instead!? Sign us up! Of course, when you think of Grease, you also imagine the two major groups that were joined at the hip. The T-Birds might have had their epic number while putting together their shining car... but, for the rest of us, it was all about the Pink Ladies. 

On the offhand chance that you were unaware, Grease was a 1978 romantic musical (or was that a musical romance?) based on the existing stage play. The film brought together a smart-but-lazy greaser, Danny Zuko, and the perfect Australian transfer student, Sandy Olsson. Naturally, they have a connection... though the T-Birds can't see Danny falling for an A+ student while Sandy wonders how she could have fallen for a greaser at all! Add a host of other teenage drama and magical music and you've got a recipe for a famous film. 

While the T-Birds claim plenty of attention, it is the Pink Ladies who really show off the heart of growing up! They are pretty exclusive, usually, but they're always open to letting the right kind of gal join the gang. It's time for you to get your colors with our collection of Pink Ladies Grease costumes. 

Each of our officially licensed Pink Ladies Halloween costumes feature the iconic pink jacket, many of which have an embroidered "Pink Ladies" monogram on the back or chest lapel. Match that with a pair of black pants or leggings as well as a pink scarf and you've practically got the whole look prepared. The next step is attitude. None of these gals let anyone tell them what to do—especially Rizzo. Choose your favorite character to represent (and include a patch nametag if you like) or create your very own newcomer to the gang. A pair of dark sunglasses are perfect, though some 1950s shades might be an even better fit! 

Of course, we know that you're immediately afraid of. Hair. Those 50s hairstyles are tough and nobody has as much time as the Pink Ladies do to get their hair up and ready to go. (Heck, Frenchy even failed to figure that out in her dreams!) Fortunately, you'll find some Grease wigs that will go great with your Pink Ladies outfits. Pick out a pink one for your Beauty School Dropout or a wild and frizzled one for Rizzo (or Bad Sandy). Either way, you're sure to be dancing in step with the rest of your gang.