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Looking for celebrity costume ideas? You’ve found the right place! From iconic celebrity outfits to musician Halloween costumes, we have the celebrity look-alike costumes you want! Go bold as a musical legend in their signature stage look. Or celebrate the historical figure that’s as super to you as the pop star that’s always making headlines!
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Jimi Hendrix Scarf Main UPD 1
Made By Us
Molded Ornament 5" Bob Ross_Update
Black Witch Wig update
Jimi Hendrix Adult Hat
Made By Us
24" Long Straight Pink Wig
Black Tights
Secret Agent Ear Piece
Long Black Eyelashes
Beaded Gold Necklace
Rainbow Hands Glasses
Made By Us
Sale - 25% Exclusive
Corn Cob Pipe update
60s Gogo Mod Wig Brunette
Made By Us
Guitar Purse UPD
Made By Us
Country Music Star Wig
Made By Us
Super Freakin Wig
Island Dreads Wig
Patent Leather Mary Janes
Iron Maiden Aces High Mask
60s Gogo Mod Wig-Blonde
Made By Us
Sale - 12% Exclusive
Men's Chameleon Popstar Hat w/ Wig
Made By Us
Tux Kit
Bunny Mask