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Marine Costumes

Suit up soldier, it’s time to join the Marines! But we’re not talking about enlisting here, this is just one mission. A very special, very important mission. Yes, we’re talking about Halloween night here! And we’re thinking the party could use a Marine just like you!

Think you’ve got what it takes? We’re sure you do! And all you’re going to need is a tip-top costume to suit you up for the job. Of course, we’ve got plenty of Marine Costumes, because we’re ready for folks like you to step up in service of their country. Which style do you think will be to your suiting?

We’ve got Marine Costumes for women, men, and children. Because we’re ready to help anyone show appreciation for the military! And, yes, our costumes are styled after the real gear worn by the Marines in the American Armed Forces. We don’t want to detract from what they do, not one bit, but we do think we can thank them for their service by choosing a Marine costume for Halloween. Semper Fi!

If you’ve got a group of kids dressing up for costume fun, choose a costume for each kid that represents a different branch of the military. Start your kid out with the kid’s Marine Costume, then add a soldier from the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. Yup, you guessed it. We have military costumes from each branch of the Armed Forces!

Adults can be part of the dress up fun, too. Our Marine Costume for Men replicates the Dress Blues that the Marines are famous for. And we have women’s styles that are based on the classic Blues, too. These women’s styles feature alluring looks like a romper or a mini-dress, so you can be dressed as one sharp-looking soldier!

The whole family can be a part of the fun when you get everyone dressed in Dress Blues to honor the service of Marines present and past. Perfect for Halloween, you could also wear these costumes to a parade, or create a pageant to honor the military service of veterans. Choose one of these military costumes for the next dress-up day, and do your part to show your appreciation for these fine men and women!

Don't forget to stock up on some accessories to make your overall costume appear more genuine. People may even start to salute you!  No matter what marine costumes you and your family choose, we can attest they'll be durable and authentic looking. We have styles and designs to appease everyone. We would love to see a picture of either you, your friends, or family dressed up as soldiers so attach a picture in the comment section below. Also, be sure to leave a review of the costume so we know what works and what doesn't. We strive to bring you the type of costumes you love so it makes our day to hear from you.