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From media to Halloween, King Kong really is the Eighth Wonder of the World. Get in on the enormous fun with suits that bring your King Kong costume ideas to life! Whether you imagine a King Kong Halloween costume that puts the titan himself to shame, or your little monkey is ready to upgrade with a kids' King Kong costume, this selection is for you!
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King Kong made his debut in 1933, and a sensation was born. From scaling the Empire State Building with a beautiful damsel in his clutches to facing off against his scaly rival, Godzilla, the great ape has shown up in all forms of entertainment. Remakes, spin-offs, cartoons, novels, even stage plays—it’s no wonder portraying the iconic beast is a popular choice. And we’re here to ensure the fun carries on with our King Kong-inspired costume selection!

What’s your King Kong narrative? Looking for some inspiration to use your new gorilla suit at its full potential? Continue reading to hear just a few of our wild King Kong costume ideas!

Where to start? The beginning, we suppose! Make your Halloween look a big deal as a King Kong couple’s costume. With one of our available gorilla costumes paired with an elegant celebrity ensemble, you and yours can relive the drama of King Kong’s 1933 debut. This easy to assemble couple’s look works for any pair as well. Parents can dress as ape or damsel while their little one dresses opposite just as well as friends or partners. Simply choose the toddlers’, kids’, teens’, or adults’ size that works for your duo, and film history is brought to life!

Thinking of a couple’s costume that’s a little less “romantic” and a lot more action-packed? Pair a gorilla suit from our selection with a costume that brings monsters of Skull Island to the party. Or explore our Godzilla costumes to relive the epic battle of your favorite titans!

Planning a group look, but no one wants to give up the role of Kong? Build a King Kong crew everyone can participate in. With multiple ages and styles of gorilla costumes to choose from in this selection, you can have a troop of trick-or-treaters, party revelers, or convention attendees that aren’t all identical. Need even more variety? Head on over to our wider gorilla costumes collection for different colors, sizes, and accessories to choose from. Just don’t forget a banana prop or two to keep your troop of goofy gorillas occupied.

Whether you’re gearing up for a gathering of Skull Island creatures or planning to parade around like King Kong with Lady Kong and Little Kong, our selection is here to help! Start with the size that suits you and yours best, then check out our accessory selection to find the pieces that support the story you’re looking to tell. From masks, mittens, props, and paints, we’ve got the options to help.

Not finding the suit or accessory you need? We’re continually expanding our selections. So, check back often to see what thrilling addition we’ve got to offer your next King Kong costume! How To

King Kong Costume Ideas

Perhaps the most famous gorilla of all time is just a tad bit bigger than the average member of the species. And that'd be King Kong, of course, who towers over the other apes by a couple hundred feet! If you'd like to be the "large and in charge" Titan for Halloween, we have some great choices. Just shop this kids and adult King Kong costume to get the action started!

Kids King Kong Costume

Kids King Kong Costume

If you've got a kid who was hankering for a good flick in 2021, we're sure they loved watching Godzilla vs. Kong. The movie was a box office smash and won acclaim for great battle sequences. To kids, that translates as "it was awesome!" Your kiddo can go as Kong for Halloween this year with one of the King Kong costumes released for the movie. And this Deluxe Kids King Kong Costume is a premium option. The comfy jumpsuit features printed faux fur and padded foam muscles for a cool costume effect. And the molded mask will give your child the wicked scowl of a Kong who's ready for a Titan showdown!

King Kong Inflatable Costume

King Kong Inflatable Costume

When it comes to an adult King Kong costume, just keep in mind that no outfit will turn you into a towering Titan. But the King Kong Inflatable Costume will definitely make you feel like a giant ape! The costume features a printed suit with all of Kong's furry details. It has a see-through section for the eyes, for one. And with the battery-powered fan, you'll be a super-sized gorilla capable of battling Godzilla. The same outfit is also available as a King Kong Inflatable Costume for kids. That way, little ones can enjoy the blow-up costume effect for fun too. Just be sure to pair either costume up with a friend in a Godzilla inflatable so that you can make a video of an incredible Titan showdown! Monster