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Historical Figures Costumes

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Are you ready to make your mark in the history books? Well, maybe you are but you aren't sure how. See how others did it when you hop into one of our Historical Figures costumes. These costumes include famous figureheads ranging from the early days of the United States to grand inventors, explorers, and rulers from the past. You'll also find modern marvels that are making history today! Join the ranks with these Historic Figure costumes.
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What does it take to become famous? Sure, you can be a really talented musician or actor. That'll get you known for a good decade. Maybe two if you're really doing something unique. But will you be talked about after a couple hundred years? Tough to say! We figure the best way to discover fame is by looking at the folks who've made it in the history books every time. Come take a walk with us through our Historical Figures costume options and you might be inspired and see how to make your mark in fate, too! 

We can't talk about history without mentioning some of the founding fathers and major mothers. (Actually, we're not even sure that all of the critical folks from history had children, so maybe those titles aren't entirely accurate.) We do know that folks like George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Thomas Jefferson were pretty huge in making the United States what they became. When you choose to dress up as one of the Colonial figures, you'll channel some unique history that still intrigues people today. Discover what really happened at Roanoke. Find a few better ways to set up home amidst all that conflict. Or dress up as all of your favorite historic figures and create a cool hip-hop rock opera. Who knows what you'll be inspired to do with some of these dead presidents costumes!

Then again, some of history can feel a bit invented. That's why the historic inventors are even cooler! Transform into the likes of Madame Curie, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, and more to show off the power of a creative mind. These are the scientists and artists that helped to create a new future! What better way to assure your destiny in the history books than that!? Put together a group of historical figures costumes like these to ace that history project in a snap and then double-up for that science class, too! 

If you really want to make a statement, choose a Historic Figure known for one of the turning points in society. Have you ever wondered what happened to Amelia Earheart and how she impacted the path of aviation? How about giving Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman some serious snaps for their work in society's progression? Become one of the kings or queens of the past when you step into the role of King Henry or Marie Antoinette. (Or go a little creepy with some ghostly face paint to tell the end of their tale.) 

Pick out some of our more modern looks to show that history is being made even today! Join the Supreme Court with a look that turns you into the mighty RBG or add a few futuristic accessories to tell a brand new story about Android Lincoln! 

No matter which character you want to bring to life, our historic figures are here to help you make a mark in your own history book. Just make sure to snap some photos to keep the memories alive so the future can see how awesome you looked! Monster