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Looking for a stand-out Halloween costume? Need something that lets the darkness in your soul shine? Or maybe you're just here for something with epic contrast that will accentuate any outfit. Well, welcome to our Gothic Accessories! This curated collection includes everything from dark wigs to ghastly fangs. Create your own Addams Family style or soar over the nightscape in epic wings. You'll find the perfect items to add to your cart below!
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1 - 60 of 358
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Girls Tattered Gothic Tights
Sale - 13%
Witch/Old Lady Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Vampire Gothic Sunglasses
Made By Us Exclusive
3rd Eye Glasses Blue
Sale - 38% Made By Us
Gothic Rose Top Hat
Made By Us Exclusive
Top Hat Black
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Deluxe Fishnet with Comfort Sole
Sale - 40%
Child Black Gloves
Made By Us Exclusive
Bat Ears Headband Update
Made By Us Exclusive
Women's Patent Faux Leather Thigh High Boots
Sale - 14%
Black Widow Costume Companion_
Sale - 33% Made By Us
Womens Black Patent Over the Knee Boots
Made By Us Exclusive
Deluxe 80s Gothic Girl Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Plus Size Black Fishnet Stockings
Sale - 50% Made By Us
Gothic Bat Glasses
Made By Us
Black Cat Costume Companion Upd
Made By Us Exclusive
Black Nylon Over The Knee Stockings
Sale - 25% Made By Us
Women's Transylvania Wig-update1
Made By Us Exclusive
The Raven Book Bag
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Plus Size Black White Striped Tights
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Womens Black Lace Knee High Boots
Sale - 18%
Black Base Makeup
Adult Black Hooded Cloak
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Black Vintage Strap Boot
Sale - 43%
Ghost Papa Staff
Ripped Tights
Sale - 13%
Black Thigh High Stockings
Bright White Long Wavy Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Bat Costume Companion
Sale - 48% Made By Us
Dark Purple Long Wavy Wig
Made By Us Exclusive
Killer Knife Purse update
Womens Patent Faux Leather Mary Jane Shoes
Sale - 22% Made By Us
Gothic Cross Necklace
Made By Us Exclusive
Dark Mad Hatter Wig Update 1
Made By Us Exclusive
Womens Black Stretch Lycra Thigh High Boots
Sale - 50%
Long Straight Gray/White Mix Wig
Sale - 25%
Black Angel Wings
Made By Us Exclusive
Evil Nun Makeup Kit
Made By Us Exclusive
Fallen Black Angel Wings
Made By Us Exclusive
Pack of 5 Goth Valentines Day Socks
Sale - 53% Made By Us
Deep Black Full Wavy Wig
Sale - 20% Made By Us
Gauged Ears Application
Sale - 42%
Black Witch Wig
Made By Us Exclusive

From the dark shadows of Halloween to the stand-out characters of our favorite comedies, horror flicks, and supernatural shows, there's one thing that brings out a smile in every sinister soul while also elevating fashion to the next life. Of course, we're talking about Gothic Costume Accessories!

If you're looking to create an epic outfit, step into the enchantment of the shadows with our gothic products to craft a persona that transcends the ordinary, embodying the essence of gothic romance and mystery. Perfect for Halloween festivities, themed parties, conventions, or simply enriching your everyday wardrobe with a touch of night, each piece invites you to express your darkest fantasies and highest aspirations.

Within these shadowy confines, you'll discover an array of accessories designed to complement your gothic ensemble or stand alone as a statement of your unique aesthetic. Belts cinch the waist in Victorian and goth style. Boots, from towering platforms to intricate lace-ups, tread the fine line between the world of the living and the realm of the night. And who can go wrong with a cape or cloak draping your shoulders while silver costume jewelry adds a gleaming accent?

Transform your visage with fangs and teeth, a feature that promises to turn heads and stir the imagination, while glasses and gloves add layers of sophistication and intrigue, harking back to a time of gothic nobility. Top off your dark look with gothic hats and headbands, crowning your ensemble with a dark touch of regal or whimsy, while horns suggest a connection to the mystical creatures that roam the gothic landscape.

Garters and hosiery add an element of seduction and mystery and petticoats and press-on nails introduce an element of finesse and attention to detail, elevating your costume from mere attire to a work of art. Speaking of art, the application of makeup becomes a ritual, transforming your appearance with shades and contours that speak of otherworldly beauty, a hint of horror, and the power to bring any outfit to the top tier.

Prop weapons or an elegant staff adds a hint of sophistication and intrigue, while you can always add a splash of neon color, rich red, or black weaves with our goth wigs. That seems to be about it, right? Oh, wait. Of course, that's not all. Take flight into the darkness beyond with our dark angel and demon wings, too!

Moreover, officially licensed treasures inspired by iconic characters like Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz allow you to step into the shoes of your favorite personas with authenticity and flair. Themed accessories cater to a wide array of gothic archetypes, from the seductive allure of vampires and the enigmatic charm of witches and warlocks to the solemn dignity of plague doctors and the ethereal grace of dark angels. Monster