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Fortune Teller Costumes

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Sit down, pick a card, and we'll tell you your fortune. We see fortune teller costumes! Fortune teller Halloween costumes allow you to wrap yourself up in mystery... and boho layers, making it the perfect costume to customize to your style and temperature needs! We've listed a few Fortune Teller Costume ideas below to make sure you get the wise, all-knowing costume you crave!
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The Halloween Fortune Teller is beloved for a few reasons. For one, it's a relatively warm costume that's an immediate conversation starter. All you have to do is reach for someone's palm and you're on your way! Secondly, it's dance floor friendly, just add a tambourine! Thirdly, it won't be ruined if you have to layer it in a shawl on a cold, Halloween night. That's a lot of wins. It makes sense that the fortune teller Halloween costume has been a crowd favorite for generations now!

Since it's such a classic, you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing from our Fortune Teller costumes. Pick out the officially licensed Esmeralda Costume from the hunchback of Notre Dame or choose one of our Made by Us costumes with lush patterns referencing the stars which you turn to for guidance! We also make a Fortune Teller costume for men that includes a faux suede vest and a mysterious gemmed headscarf. Complete any of these costumes with the chunkiest jewelry from your collection, dramatic eye makeup, and long nails, perfect for reading a crystal ball. 

Fortune Teller costumes for kids are quite similar, just tone down the nails and eyes! Our Girl's Teller of Fortunes costume even comes with a few Tarot card props, perfect for quick readings as she's picking up candy. Feeling generous? Kids are sure to love borrowing your costume jewelry and getting creative with this costume in preparation for Halloween!

As fortune-telling is a profession, it's time we talk about the tools of the trade. A good Halloween Fortune teller prop is a must-have. Tarot cards require a little background info as does palm reading. The classic crystal ball is the best fortune telling prop for many prospective fortune tellers because you can make stuff up on the spot, all while showing off your fortune teller accessories such as your bangles and rings. Add some great lighting and create a spot for yourself and you won't have to go out of your way on Halloween night, all the party guests will come to you!

Are you excited for some of these fortune teller costumes ideas? Is your costume beginning to take shape in your mind? Great! A fortune teller Halloween is always a fun one. You really get to shape your persona so go ahead and let loose. Create a fortune teller name. It's not hard. Just combine buzzwords like "Madame" and "The Great" alluding to flowers like "Jasmine" and "Rose" with a couple describing "Wild", "Wandering", or "Mysterious" won't hurt either. For instance, if you're having people over to your house, create a fortune teller Halloween decoration by painting a sign that says, "The Mysterious Madame Jasmine: for one night only" and sit under it with your crystal ball. We promise that this version will beat serving cocktails any day! You may even learn a thing or two about your guests!

Wondering about how to perfect your fortune teller Halloween makeup? It's pretty simple, just don't be afraid to go dramatic. Now's the time to break out your gold eyeshadow, eggplant lipstick, and deep blush. Yes, all at once if you're feeling it. You'll be lingering in the shadows with your glowing crystal ball, so you'll want your features to pop! 

Are you ready t pick out your Halloween look from our fortune teller costumes? We're so excited for you. Let us know how your look goes and if you happen to post a photo you love, feel free to tag us and we'll post the pic on the costume page! Have a happy... and mysterious Halloween!