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Clueless Costumes

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Officially-licensed Clueless outfits? Like, yes! If you're a fan of the hit 90's film then you can't go wrong with a Clueless costume. We've taken every inspiration from the fashionably fun and nostalgic styles seen in the film and created a Clueless Halloween costume just for you. With our authentic and detailed Cher and Dionne costumes, you'll be rollin' with your homies this Halloween!
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If you haven’t ever seen Clueless, where have you been!? Clueless was lovable and smart and filled with great style. Channel your high-end fashion sense with this fun costume inspired by the movie, Clueless, by Amy Heckerling. When you look through our Made by Us category for your favorite Clueless outfits, you’ll find our exclusive Cher costume with wigs and accessories to bring the character to life.  

If you’re looking for a costume with a higher purpose, you can become Cher and change the world! Start with a Clueless group costume; animal costumes make a perfect combination for a Clueless character at a Halloween party! You can watch Clueless in costumes that include licensed-character costumes or pick out the most iconic Clueless outfit to prove you’ve got what it takes to conquer LA!  

We’re happy to offer exclusive Cher from Clueless outfits, artfully and comfortably designed for all sorts of film fans! We know you won’t have remorse about the costume with the perfect hairstyle, so take a look at our options and get ready to win the Instagram war with your costume poses! How To

Clueless Costumes

Clueless is the acclaimed (and cult classic) 1995 coming of age film that retold the tale of Emma by Jane Austen. If you're looking for a teen comedy with characters who are too smart for their own good and brought real 90s Beverly Hills teens to life, look no further! With famous celebrities like Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd, and the inspired ideas from Amy Heckerling, it's a smart story that inspired a TV series and a remake! But of course, you don't have to wait for Paramount to unleash the next storybook chapter. You can hop into the fun right away with some of our exclusive and officially licensed Clueless costumes today! Is there a better way to give yourself a movie makeover than with Clueless outfits!?

Clueless Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party to attract the masses or just doing your civil service by giving a local the night of their lives, do it in smart style with our Halloween Clueless costumes. You can pair up the group in a snap or go seeking out the underprivileged folks who desperately need your generous fashion-forward help! Okay, perhaps Cher Horowitz wasn’t quite the angel and matchmaker that she thought she was, but nobody can deny that her quick wit and heart of gold ensured that she'd find a place in our hearts. So now you can bring the fun of the 1995 film to life by sporting adult Clueless costume styles made famous by the trio of powerhouse female leads!

Cher Clueless Costume

Cher Clueless Costume

Start your journey to fame with the bright outfit that jumps to all of our minds. Naturally, we’re talking about the classic yellow Cher Clueless outfit she wears while bringing us on the tour of her high school. You'll want to find a friend who understands what it is like for folks to be jealous of you, because when you're a betty like Cher, all eyes will be on you!

Dionne Clueless Costume

Dionne Clueless Costume

What’s white, black, and red all over? Your first instinct might have been the newspaper, but we have news for you! The true answer is the Beverly Hills queen who has all the intel on 90s style. Introducing Dionne Davenport, the best buddy of Cher and the gal who never loses her way... (so long as we're not getting on the freeway, anyhow).

Tai Clueless Costume

Tai Clueless Costume

What's wrong with being a weirdo, we have to wonder? Well, Tai sure has a tough time making clear friends when she starts out, but that isn't destined to last. With her quirky character and forward friends, she's destined to make a splash on the scene. You'll be rolling with the homies, too, when you dress up in the green sweater and stellar skirt of Tai Fraiser!

School Girl Costume

School Girl Costume

If we can say one thing about the young women of Clueless, it is that they pave their own way. While we are sure you'll love the officially licensed looks of the three leading ladies, you can mix and match to create your own look, just like Cher would recommend! Start with the classic School Girl uniform and add your favorite accessories to tell your own Clueless story.

Kid's Clueless Costumes

While most of us who fell in love with the Clueless movie are well beyond our high school days, that doesn't mean that the glories of 90s slang and Clueless quotes can’t be enjoyed by the next generation! Help your youngsters follow in Cher’s footsteps when you take a look at our Clueless costumes for girls. You might have to help teach them all the classic lines. Show them ‘tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other people and they’ll be buggin’ in a good way in no time! (Just make sure they know that they won’t need to try that racing down the highway thing out for a long, long while.)

Cher Clueless Halloween Costume

Cher Clueless Halloween Costume

If your tyke is smart and proactive, there’s only one costume that will be perfect for her. A political leader of the United States? Ugh, as if! Your kiddo has even bigger ambitions. We’re talking about one who can really shake up the future: Cher from Clueless! This is the kind of gal who'll suggest a plan to save the world's economy while also making room for everyone in need! She's the one who'll be revising the Statue of Liberty's greeting to include a seating chart! Now that's the kind of snappy thinking we need this Halloween. This costume will be the one "first offer" that your tyke won't be able to refuse.

Dee Clueless Costume

Dee Clueless Costume

While Cher might seem to be the high queen of High School, we can assure you that she wouldn’t go far without Dionne Davenport. That perfect alliteration and flawless fashion style prove that Dee is practically a superhero of Beverly Hills! It's no wonder that your kiddo is going to look like the movie star she is when she dresses up in a white and black checkered coat! Of course, the story gets even better when you realize that Dee won't play a supporting role in the next incarnation of Clueless tales. She's the queen bee of the reboot! Help your kiddo realize her impending stardom by striking a pose as Dionne!

Clueless Accessories

While our Clueless costumes will bring life to your favorite characters, getting the finishing touches is how you will really bring out your inner Cher! Just like the perfect amount of lip liner ensures that everyone is listening to your every word, the right Clueless costume accessories will ensure that you’re dressed to impress from head to toe! Make sure that Murray has the right hat for the occasion or give Tai the style that says she can hang with the homies as well as chill with the cool kids. Take a look at some of our accessory options and you’ll be in complete Clueless couture before it is time for the party.

Matching Heels

Cher Clueless Shoes

Ensure that your every step commands attention when you have a loud click and clack with every move! Even better when your high-heeled shoes match your Clueless outfit! We have a ton of elegant (and shiny) shoes that will have your Clueless characters dancing from the silver screen to the school bus. The only question is which shade you want for your school girl style.

School Girl Stockings

Schoolgirl Stockings

No classy Beverly Hills teen would sport a short skirt without a pair of thigh-high stockings! That's just the kind of fashion faux pas that Cher and Dee would gag over! Fortunately, we've got the pair of schoolgirl stockings that will match your every look! From black and white to something a little slinkier, you'll be in perfect form for mall walking or acing that driving test.

Clueless Party Boa

White Feather Boa

When Cher is dressed to impress, she knows how to go all out. Sure, it might be the 90s in contemporary Clueless, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t pulling from the very best in 1920s fashion! That’s right. The best way to accentuate an off-the-shoulder look is with a white feather boa! So fly across the dance floor while you are bringing your favorite Clueless scenes to life!

Clueless Wigs

Clueless Wigs

If you don’t have time to get the deep blonde locks of Cher or the gorgeous black hair of Dee, we've got plenty of wigs to help you secure your style. Several of our wigs will already have the hairdo you're looking for, while others can be styled on your own for Cher's ever-changing looks. Pair your favorite Clueless character with the perfect Clueless wig and save time for the fun!

Clueless FAQ

Who Plays Cher in Clueless?

The actress responsible for all of your favorite valley-girl style quotes and epic fashion statements is none other than Alicia Silverstone! Whether stalking folks in Crush or taking over time as a Blast from the Past, she tops the charts for movie blondes. Silverstone was initially worried about the role, thinking that Cher was rather materialistic and unappealing. Of course, the more she dove in, she realized that there was a ton of heart underneath those layers of fancy dress!

What is Clueless Based On?

A ton of your favorite movies are adaptations from books of the same name. But would you believe that Clueless started off as a modern interpretation of Jane Austen’s 1815 novel, Emma? The story is all about the pride of youth and romantic mishaps. Austen's main character has overly high self-esteem and thinks she is the ultimate in matchmaking. It's been adapted several times, though Clueless was definitely the most creative change to the setting and time!

How Do I Create a Clueless Couples Costume?

Pairing Clueless characters is easy! We recommend teaming up the best friends from Beverly Hills with a Cher and Dee costume. It's great for adults and kids alike. If you have a few tag-a-longs, you can give your third a Tai makeover, too! If your aim is a more romantic night, Murray, Josh, or even Christian can join you. Murray has a ton of different looks, but if you go for a slightly mismatched color scheme, wild hats, and a gold chain, you'll be sporting the look of Dee's beau! Josh has mastered business casual, so a white undershirt, a plaid button-up worn without a tuck, or go really authentic by writing "Amnesty International" on your shirt front! Christian is the guy with real flair. A sleek black shirt coupled with a tan fedora and a matching button-up shirt (thrown over the shoulder, of course) will turn you into the most (in)eligible bachelor at Bronson Alcott High School!

How to Get Hair Like Cher From Clueless?

Since Cher is a modern gal, she's ready to turn out her hair to match any style. If you don't already have long, blonde locks, start with one of our blonde wigs. Cher wears her hair either with a snappy cloth headband or lets it fall straight down but with a ton of volume. A little mousse will go a long way to get you there! Her classier looks are the epic up-do. Grab the mousse again and take Cher's own advice by brushing it forward and flipping it back! That will be sure to get your Clueless style flowing.

How to Dress Like Cher From Clueless?

The most iconic look for your Cher Horowitz outfit will be the classic checkered look. The best part is how Dee and Cher match in style yet still have their own color motif! If you're looking to star in a different scene, pair a white boa with a red dress to get your classy party look ready. Of course, the schoolgirl uniform or the spaghetti strap dress will undoubtedly turn some heads, too! (Just don't distract too many people in class while trying to win their affections.)