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The Best Christmas Costumes from Movies and Holiday Traditions [Costume Guide]

by |November 28, 2022

The Best Christmas Costumes from Movies and Holiday Traditions

Christmas has the best stuff. The best decorations, the best cookies, the best music—and, of course, the best movies and family traditions. Just think of all the warm holiday memories you have, including cuddling up by the tree with a big bowl of popcorn in your lap, watching the same movies year after year. (Don't forget mugs of hot chocolate!) Maybe you wear some of these Christmas costumes when you make your family Christmas cards. There are also plenty of ways to include Christmas costumes with the rest of your holiday cheer, whether you're keeping the Santa tradition alive for another year or you're planning to do a live Nativity. Check out these fantastic Xmas costumes and you just might find something for a new family tradition!


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The Most Iconic Character Beards Ever

by |September 12, 2022
Categories: Costume Guides

The Most Iconic Beards Ever

A beard really makes the character. Would Santa be so jolly without his white-as-snow whiskers? Would Mr. T be so intimidating without his full goatee and sideburns? And can you even imagine Jack Sparrow at ALL without picturing him twirling his facial hair as he stumbled about? No. We love thinking about Halloween costumes for dudes with beards, and, frankly, we can’t get enough of it. Here is our list of the characters with the most iconic beards EVER. We’ve selected only fictional bearded characters (sorry Abe Lincoln and Bob Ross), and this list is in no particular order.


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Cinema Santa: The Best of Old St. Nick on Film [Infographic]

by |December 21, 2015
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The Evolution of Santa in Movies Infographic


Christmas time is here once again, and if you’re a good little boy or girl, you’ve already got everyone on your list exactly what they wanted. Now that all the shopping is done, do you just kick back unentertained, drinking copious amounts of egg nog in silence? No… you spend the rest of December watching Christmas movies, of course!

Santa has always been a significant part of almost any Christmas movie: he has a specific concept of good and evil, he always prefers faith over skepticism, and he can even be duplicitous—is he out to help us or is he out for himself? The best Santa movies have these kinds of themes that get to the heart of our holiday mythos. On the other side of the [chocolate] coin, there are the Santa movies where he goes to Mars or he gets his sleigh stuck in the sandy beaches of Florida. No matter which type of Christmas film you prefer, we think you’ll enjoy this chronological look at Santa Claus’ cinematic exploits in this very merry infographic.


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True Confessions of a Mall Santa

by |December 20, 2012

Ho ho ho! If you think it's cold where you are this time of year, making the trek to the North Pole to visit with Santa Claus was no easy task. We all know that Santa is a pretty busy guy this time of year, but with Christmas nearly upon us, Santa took a few minutes from his busy schedule making toys at the North Pole to let us sit on his knee and ask the questions for a change. Check out our interview below:


What is the best Christmas gift you have ever given out?

Last year, one...

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10 Things to Do in a Santa Claus Costume

by |November 30, 2011
Categories: Holidays

Wearing a Santa Claus costume usually only leads to a certain type activity – spreading Christmas cheer, listening to wish lists from kids everywhere, posing for future greeting card photos, and distributing gifts. You know, the normal Santa stuff. But… where’s the fun in that? There’s no fun, that’s right. We get tired of the mundane here at, so we sat down for a little brainstorming session to think of a couple more interesting things to do...

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