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4 DIY Halloween Wreaths using a Pool Noodle

by |September 3, 2014
Categories: Decor, DIY

How to DIY Halloween Wreaths

Creating your own Halloween wreath is easier than you might think! This time of year many stores have those familiar, bright colored fun foam noodles on clearance, practically screaming for you to take them home. (Christmas decorations are already starting to flow in and they need the floor space!) Take advantage at your local discount or dollar store and snag yourself a few different colors of these water noodles. The sizes and shapes are perfect for creating a colorful base for homemade...

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How To Turn Your Home Into A Haunted House

by |August 8, 2014
Categories: Decor, DIY, Horror

How to Turn Your Home into a Haunted House

There are plenty of ways to turn your home into a haunted house this October that don’t include cooked spaghetti, peeled grapes, and that old “Spooky Sounds” cassette tape that you bought decades ago. We’ve researched the best Halloween décor inspiration, creepy DIY projects, and truly terrifying gory products for you to use to turn your lovely house into something very scary. 


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Halfway to Halloween - Trending Costume Ideas for 2014

by |May 1, 2014
Categories: Humor

Halfway to Halloween Costume Ideas

It's here! We've reached halfway to Halloween! For those who don't think that's a big deal, we hope you realize that some devoted Halloween fans have already been furiously plotting their costumes for Halloween 2014. (If you’re anything like us, this manic process starts promptly on November 1st!) In any case, the halfway mark serves as a reminder to start thinking of costume ideas for Halloween 2014 - you only have 6 months left! Often the most stand-out costumes are parodies of...

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