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Halloween Photo Booth Props [Printables]

by |October 8, 2021
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Halloween Photo Booth Props

Say cheese, because we're back with another fun and free printable for you: Halloween photo booth props! Now you can turn any party into a Halloween party—or add a twist to your regular ol' Halloween photos. Dressed as the Hulk? Add Frankenstein's forehead to make the Frankenhulk. It's genius! Consider setting up a photo station at your next Halloween party, birthday party, office/work party, or even just a place at home for social media photography or kids' playtime!


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The Ultimate Guide to Horror Movies [Infographic]

by |October 19, 2020
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The Ultimate Guide to Horror Movies

Horror movies are almost as old as the medium of film itself. We love them for their jump scares, but also how they reflect our deepest fears and anxieties. In short, horror resonates with us. If you're interested in reflecting on the horror genre, then let our ultimate guide to horror movies show how we got from innovative and timeless tales to modern classics like Let the Right One In, The Cabin in the Woods, and Us.


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The Highest Rated Horror Movies of All Time

by |August 15, 2018
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Top Rated Horror Movies of All Time

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, there’s always the need to break out the horror movies to get in the holiday spirit. While some choices like Hocus Pocus or Halloween are must-watch options, there are plenty of other films in the genre to check out. In fact, horror movies have seen a bit of a renaissance as of late. The past decade has brought a surprising amount of must-see films, some of which have earned high praise from horror fans and mainstream audiences alike.


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Sexy Scary Halloween Costumes: Science Laboratory

by |October 22, 2014

Scary Sexy Halloween Costumes


Let’s all stop and take a moment to remember what Halloween is really about: the scary stuff. Between pop culture cosplay at comic book conventions and bent iPhones running wild, it’s easy to forget that Halloween is most well-known for being focused all things horror. We decided to go back to the roots of the holiday and put together this awesomely spooky - but still horribly sexy! – editorial featuring some lovely ladies straight out of a mad scientist’s laboratory. Don’t be afraid to venture through these sexy scary costumes and take a look … if you dare.


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