Top Halloween Costumes for 2011

by |September 29, 2011
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Top Halloween Costumes for 2011 Announces This Year's Most Popular Halloween Costumes

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Popstars, Mario, Captain America, Harry Potter, Angry Birds, Pirates, Monster High, Star Wars, and The Smurfs


For Immediate Release:

MINNEAPOLIS (Sept. 29, 2011) – revealed today the top Halloween costumes for 2011, which include new pop culture icons Angry Birds and Monster High, revamped classics like Captain America and the Smurfs, and all-time favorites such as Star Wars and the Mario Brothers.

Angry Birds are a hot topic and a hot costume. Kids, teens, and adults have been fascinated with the smartphone app turned mega-franchise, so the chance at a costume is irresistible. Angry Birds costumes can be worn by individuals, but they are mainly being sold to groups, who plan on dressing up as the whole set of characters. The high-tech costumes have also been a hit with families. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and The Smurfs were among the highest grossing films of 2011. Each of these movies features easily recognizable characters with elaborate looks, making them ripe for Halloween costume inspiration.

Superhero costumes are also trending, due largely in part to television and movie reboots. The rugged, vintage Captain America costume Chris Evans donned for The First Avenger this year is a popular choice for men. Women and girls, meanwhile, are opting for the powerful role model Wonder Woman, a thriving costume choice despite its television flop. The superhero revival finally has parents and kids agreeing on who their heroes should be.

Chart topping singers like Nicki Minaj are inspiring costumes for older teens, coeds, and the under-30 crowd. These stars’ short, sparkly dresses and brightly-dyed hair make Halloween costume ideas easy. Younger teen and tween girls are choosing edgy Monster High costumes. The girls of Monster High feature the fun, bright colors of pop star costumes without the sexy undertones.

Young boys, teenagers, and men are embracing nerd culture with Mario costumes and Star Wars costumes for Halloween 2011. Nintendo has revamped its Mario franchise by rereleasing classic games, which has brought the mustached plumber to the forefront. The recent Star Wars Blu-Ray release, meanwhile, has paved the way for a new generation of Star Wars fans and rekindled warm memories for older fans.

An analysis of Experian Hitwise data, historical sales statistics, and 2011 sales to date was used to compile the top costume list, which also reflects the opinions of industry experts. Many of these trends are on par with expectations; however there are marked long term changes. The absence of scary costumes and princesses from the list, for example, is notable. will continue to monitor searches and sales in the coming weeks and will update as necessary. Expert analyses of these trends will also be released.


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Update 10-01-2011: experts analyze the trends.


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