For Immediate Release: Unveils New Line of Sexy Pet Costumes

by |April 1, 2015
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Responding to high consumer demand for sexy pet costumes, has risen to the challenge in 2015. The Halloween costume provider reveals a brand new line of costumes just for pets, and they are every bit as sexy as any costume designed for humans.

Magical Mermaid Fish Costume

Magical Mermaid Fish Costume

According to the U.S. Pet Market Outlook for 2014-2015 by Packaged Facts, pet owners are increasingly interested in buying high quality, premium products for their furry friends. The growing popularity of the online shopping experience also captured a much larger percentage of the pet supplies market in 2014. These were just two of the factors that led to's leadership team making the decision to invest in new pet costume products.

Pretty Officer Chihuahua Pet Costume

Dog Police Costume

But why sexy pet costumes? Troy Eaves says it's because pet owners want their pets to feel just as attractive on Halloween as any human, and there isn't currently a product available that meets this need. "We saw that there was a gap in the sexy pet costumes market, and we've stepped in to fill it," said Eaves.

Pot Bellies Up German Beer Girl Pig Costume

Octoberfest Pet Outfit

Examples of the sexy pet costumes that will be available for purchase include a scandalous Jessica Rabbit costume for rabbits, a German beer girl costume for potbellied pigs, and a sexy police officer costume for dogs, to name a few.

Scandalous Jessica (Literally A) Rabbit Costume

Scandalous Jessica (Literally A) Rabbit

Based in North Mankato, Minnesota, is a world leading retailer of costumes and accessories. With the largest online selection of Halloween costumes, we can’t guarantee your choice will be easy, but we can guarantee an exciting shopping experience that includes unequaled customer support and tools to ensure you find a costume that’s your perfect fit!

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