DIY Sexy Ronald McDonald Costume

by |October 16, 2014
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Sexy Ronald McDonald Costume
McDonald's: filling, fast, tasty, Sexy isn't an adjective often associated with the famed Golden Arches, but we got our hands on a red wig, a yellow jumpsuit, a side order of attitude (McAttitude?), and put together a sassy Ronald McDonald costume or for the hottest cosplay costumes. We hope you enjoy seeing this famous fast food mascot in a whole new light, because ba-da-ba-ba-ba, we're lovin' it!


Products Used

How to make a sexy Ronald McDonald costume

Yellow Jumpsuit         Red Styleable Wig         Red Heels       Striped Tights


Besides items that we sell, the only other things you'll need are two scraps of yellow ribbons for the shoes, and a red McDonalds "M" logo. We cut ours from a piece of red vinyl which we had lying around (we're a costume company...we have lots of strange things lying around), but you could also use stiff red felt. Attach it however you like - hot glue, fabric glue, double sided tape, or even a few quick stitches!


The Finished Look

Sexy Ronald McDonald Halloween Costume


Our yellow jumpsuit, brand new for 2014, was the perfect base for sassy Ronnie! Cut the toe portion off of our red and white striped stockings if you want to make sleevelets, hot glue the bows to your shoe straps, and you're almost ready to go. The jumpsuit comes with a white belt, but we subbed in a red one from our vintage baseball girl costume since we liked the added SIZZLE.


Sexy Ronald McDonald Cosplay Costume


To stamp out ANY potential doubt about what your costume is (people aren't used to seeing sexy fast food clowns - you'll have to cut them some slack), you can carry a Happy Meal box as your purse for the evening. *Warning:* Expect weird looks from McDonald's employees if you just ask them for an empty Happy Meal box. Push through the awkward in the name of a great costume! (Or, you can always just buy a Happy Meal if you're not a fan of awkward encounters.)


The Makeup

Sexy Ronald McDonald Cosplay


Traditional Ronald has his face covered in opaque white makeup, but we're not doing it for our sexy version! We just used a foundation a few shades lighter than the model's natural skin tone. We darkened and defined the eyebrows, drew on the black lines with a black eyeliner pencil, and found the BIGGEST fake eyelashes we could get our hands on. Bold red lips and a delicate red nose (outlined with the same black eyeliner pencil) finished off this spicy clown makeup.


Womens Ronald McDonald Costume

Can we get some fries with that shake? Sorry. We just keep thinking of all the funny pick-up lines that will happen if you wear this costume out on Halloween. Two all beef patties, eh? OKAY, we're done.


Group Costume Idea

Fast Food Themed Group Costume Idea

Cheeseburger CostumeSexy Hamburglar Costume
Bucket of Fried Chicken Tunic Taco Bell Hot Sauce Costume

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Want to make this into a couples costume? Cheeseburger. Check. Want to make this into a group costume with your best gal pal? Sexy Hamburglar. Check. Have a larger group of girls? Good luck making a sexy Grimace costume. Even WE can't imagine that... In any case, have fun creating your own McDonald's outfit!

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