3 DIY Halloween Makeup Effects: Infected Zombie Bite, Burned Skin, and a Chelsea Grin

by |October 18, 2014
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Gory Halloween Makeup DIYs


In this tutorial post for Halloween makeup effects, we’re going a little more gruesome than last time. These three looks – burned flesh, zombie bite, and Chelsea grin (ripped face) – all utilize the product “liquid latex,” which is in our Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit. All the makeup we use will be from this kit unless otherwise noted. These effects are slightly advanced, but still incredibly doable with a little practice and patience. Good luck and happy scaring!


Infected Zombie Bite Makeup Tutorial

Zombie Bite Makeup DIY

Look like a zombie bit you in six easy to follow steps!


Difficulty Level: 3.5 of 5

Supplies Needed:

  • Rigid Collodion
  • Extra Flesh
  • Bruise ColorRing
  • 8 Color Palette
  • Squirt Blood
  • Stage Blood
  • Grey Eye Shadow (any brand)
  • Stipple Sponge
  • Triangle Sponge
  • Small and Medium Makeup Brushes


Special FX Zombie Bite


STEP ONE: Use the rigid collodion to mark where your teeth will be. In the end, you won’t see these, but it serves as a nice reference as you paint on the bruise.

STEP TWO: Use the stipple sponge to add a mixture of yellow and green in a wide circle around where the bite is. It should fade from more yellow on the outside to darker green towards the wound.


Zombie Bite Tutorial


STEP THREE: In small pieces, take the Extra Flesh and mold two lines where the top and bottom bite marks are. Once those are placed, use an item like a pen cap to create indents where the teeth marks would be. Use the black shade from the 8 color palette and paint inside each little indentation.

STEP FOUR: With the triangle sponge, cover the extra flesh and surrounding area with the red face paint. If needed, stipple and blend a little more yellow and green around the outside of the red area.

STEP FIVE: With the smallest makeup brush, use the grey eyeshadow to draw thin veins coming out of the wound.


Gross Zombie Bite Makeup


STEP SIX: Add blood! Use all that you want! Paint it inside of the bite marks and let it drip down. And then put more blood on. And lastly, seriously, the more blood the better. You’ll never be satiated. You can use this makeup as an infected person, or you can even do it as part of your zombie Halloween makeup as a clue to how you went full zombie in the first place!


DIY Zombie Bite Makeup


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Burned Flesh Makeup Tutorial

How to Make Burned Skin Makeup FX

This burned skin makeup tutorial is relatively easy and takes five steps to complete.


Difficulty Level: 3 of 5

Supplies Needed:

  • Liquid Latex Halloween Makeup
  • Plain Tissue (Kleenex!)
  • Foundation to match your skin (in the 8 Color Palette)
  • Bruise ColorRing
  • Triangle Sponge
  • Medium Makeup Brush
  • Stipple Sponge
  • Clear Gloss (can be lipgloss!)
  • Seam Ripper or Tweezers


How to Create a Burned Flesh Effect


STEP ONE: Put a thin layer of liquid latex on the area you would like your burned effect to be. Place a Kleenex on top of the area with liquid latex and rip off any extra that isn’t glued down onto the skin. Let dry completely.

STEP TWO: Once dried, use the triangle sponge to cover the area in a foundation to match your skin tone.

STEP THREE: Take your seam ripper (be careful!) and rip small holes in the latex. This is where the burned up skin will be, exposing the red underneath. Cover the area again with the skin toned foundation to cover up any of the latex that had been ripped up.

STEP FOUR: With the Bruise ColorRing and the makeup brush, add yellow makeup inside and on the edges of all the ripped up holes. Put some brown on the stippling sponge and lightly drag across the entire piece, so the skin looks dirty and charred. Also be sure to stipple around all of the “open wounds!"

STEP FIVE: Fill all the holes with the red paint from the Bruise ColorRing. Take your clear gloss and put over the red to create a newly burnt wound look.

  • *Tip: To remove your wound makeup, use spirit gum remover, makeup remover, and/or soap and water.


Special FX Burn Makeup


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Chelsea Grin Makeup Tutorial

How to Create a Chelsea Grin

Create a Chelsea smile in eight easy steps...or nine if you'd call taking a selfie mandatory!


Difficulty Level: 3.5 of 5
Supplies Needed:

  • Liquid Latex
  • Plain Tissue Paper
  • Triangle Sponge
  • Tweezers or Seam Ripper
  • Flesh Colored Foundation
  • Red Face Paint
  • Small Makeup Brush
  • Coagulated Blood
  • Squirt Blood


STEP ONE: Use a triangle sponge to apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the area you want to work on.

STEP TWO: Place a piece of tissue over the liquid latex for a base. Rip off any excess tissue that isn’t touching the makeup.

STEP THREE: Roll up two long, skinny, tubes of tissue. These pieces will serve as the “ripped up flesh” effect. You know, the part that would actually happen if someone cut your face open. Eek! Ok, anyway – add one more layer of liquid latex on your face and then attach the Kleenex tubes parallel with each other, but coming to a point up by your ear. And then, you guessed it, one more layer of liquid latex over the whole thing with another Kleenex layer on top. Let dry completely.

STEP FOUR: Take a seam ripper or tweezers and cut a hole between the two tissue tubes from the corner of your mouth up towards your ear.


Glasgow Smile DIY


STEP FIVE: Add flesh toned foundation over the tissue.

STEP SIX: Stipple red face paint around the wound with a triangle sponge.

STEP SEVEN: Use your small makeup brush to add in extra red paint inside the cut to make it look darker.

STEP EIGHT: Fill the inside of the wound with coagulated blood. Liberally add squirt blood inside the fake wound and let spill down the face and neck.


Chelsea Grin Makeup Tutorial


STEP NINE: Take a selfie.


Zombie Selfie Pics


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